Half a Dozen Little Stars


These little stars for the Octagon Stars doll bed quilt are impossible for me to resist. I can’t make just one. Or two. Or three, four or five. No, I have to make an even half-dozen of them.


It’s such fun to see them all nicely pressed and the seams graded.

I worked on the clues from the Case of the Secret Garden but no pressing was done yet so no picture. I’m going to have to stitch like the wind to get caught up before Clue 5 comes out on Monday.


Baxter making a mug rug? Seems that what he’s up to in today’s Baxtertoon.


He was posing for the camera on top of some flannel that I sometimes put on the board we use for taking pictures.

8 thoughts on “Half a Dozen Little Stars

  1. Well…..half a dozen is a good round number! Baxter, you have so much talent, that mug rug is a work of genius and your friends are waiting to share a cuppa with you.


  2. And they also look really cool how you’ve laid the out, with a plus shape between each set of four. Made by a dark fabric. The one they’re laying on works 🙂


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