Clue 4 of the Mystery Quilt Finished


Last week was a challenge when it came to keeping up with the mystery quilt. I got the cutting done, thanks to the video on cutting curves with a rotary cutter but, as I was working on two other projects, I really doubted that I’d get the piecing of the 24 partial blocks from Clue 4 of the Case of the Secret Garden done before Clue 5 came out. But with a little stitching done here and there throughout the week and some very dedicated stitching time on Friday and Saturday, I had all but seven of the partial blocks done. I had decided to piece the partial blocks by hand, although the stitching this week would have been very easy to do by machine as it was all straight seams.


The seams were graded and all the partial blocks done as of yesterday morning were pressed.


And this was the little stack of pieces I had left to turn into partial blocks as of yesterday morning.


Which turned into this final group of partial blocks just before midnight last night, with the seams all graded and partial blocks pressed. So I’m ready for Clue 5.


Baxter and his pals are out looking to see if they can uncover Clue 5, which will be coming out sometime today.


After all that sleuthing, he had to have a rest.  Where else but curled up guarding his favourite toys!

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