Octagon Stars Doll Bed Quilt is Growing


I just can’t resist these little beauties so a couple more were added to the doll bed quilt. The next set of connecting red diamonds and octagon have been added as well so that another pair of stars can be added quickly. It’s all lovely continuous stitching so does go really quickly. As of now it measures approximately 7″ x 17″.


Seams graded and it’s pressed. I’m pressing this one as I add each pair. Although in most cases I might be tempted to leave the pressing until the end, with these small pieces it is easier to press as I go.


The next pair is ready to add.


Pressed and seams graded.


Baxter has a new favourite toy. It’s a piece of felt tied in the middle with a long shoelace. He loves the thing and, if we’re not playing with it with him, he will trot around the apartment with the felt in his mouth and the shoelace trailing behind him.


Then it’s rest time on his favourite spot on the couch.

20 thoughts on “Octagon Stars Doll Bed Quilt is Growing

  1. Darling stars! Your stitching is the best! What fun…a simple shoelace/felt for Baxter! Who’d guess something so simple could be entertaining? Thanks for another lovely post!


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