The Case of the Secret Garden, Clue 5


On Monday, clue 5 in the Case of the Secret Garden came out and we are now starting to stitch the pieces into blocks. Of course, I had to put the first 8 I had stitched up on the design wall to see if I could even begin to guess what they might turn into. I don’t have a clue how this is going to turn out yet! Which is really amazing when you think that we know what the block looks like. Now I can’t wait for next week’s clue.

I still have 16 more blocks to stitch from this week’s clue but that won’t be hard to get done as it’s all lovely curved piecing this week. There was a bit more printing on fabric this week too, but that will take only a few minutes so I feel pretty confident I’ll be ready for Clue 6 next week. It’s getting more and more interesting.


Baxter was back in Baxter’s kitchen. He has developed a real fondness for Greenies, thanks to a gift from Panda and Boo.


I love that the tufts show up so well on his back paw in this photo.

7 thoughts on “The Case of the Secret Garden, Clue 5

  1. Your photos keep inspiring me to plod on with the mystery and not give up! I feel less of a failure when I see you are still stitching to catch-up!!! Baxter is indeed a handsome cat! So regal!!!


  2. Hello Baxter 🙂 You’re looking as gorgeous as ever! The mystery is getting exciting and I’m enjoying watching everyone else’s progress 🙂 Yours are looking good!


  3. I am enjoying watching your mystery come together!~ Really fun and I just love the fabrics. They look like a “Secret Garden”. I look forward to seeing the Baxtertoons every day. ALways makes me smile.
    Goodness, what a beautiful kitty.


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