Lots and Lots of Scraps


My fascination with the tiny LeMoyne Stars seems endless. Ever since I started making the octagon stars doll bed quilt, the ideas for other quilts using the tiny stars have been taking over. I’ve had these two containers full of scraps of Oriental prints just waiting for the right idea and now I’m thinking that the idea may have arrived. A scrappy — no, make that very scrappy quilt of mini stars. The scraps are large enough to print enough of the .75″ 45-degree diamonds to make at least one star. Although I’m not sure I’ll make a star using only one fabric. I’m much more likely to make it out of 2 or 4 fabrics or perhaps each diamond in a star will be a different fabric.


Perhaps it will have a centre something like this scrappy star quilt. Or perhaps it will be a quilt of little stars dancing across the top in a haphazard fashion. I’m not going to start this quite yet, but it’s definitely on and quite close to the top of the list of design ideas I want to play with.


Baxter had a sleepover with his pals. Kitty beds for all and bunny slippers for Baxter.


Earlier in the day he had been draped in his kitty tree as he patiently waits for there to be some activity to watch out on the roof garden.

5 thoughts on “Lots and Lots of Scraps

  1. That doll quilt is amazing and great to work with scraps…
    I love the main on Baxter it looks so full
    Is that a green and red pincushion on the stand?? I love the kitty tails all laid out and they are both laying so good you never know what Toonie Baxter is going to be up too…


  2. The Scrappy Star quilt you made is incredible. So nice to see it again. I remember when you began it. You sure do make light work out of difficult quilts.
    The doll quilt is so pretty and Springlike.
    Are Baxter and his friends up yet from their sleepover?!?! Looks like lots of fun to me!~Love seeing him sprawled out like he is in this photo. I see his little tufts again on his paws. Beautiful kitty.


  3. I’ve been using tiny scraps to make the diamonds in Linda Franz’s “Quilted Diamonds” books. I just finished all the diamonds in vol. 2 and now I’ve started on the ones in vol. 1. (I know, I’m backwards, but I bought vol 2 first, lol). I’m planning to make a larger, scrappy version of her “Love and Friendship” quilt with all of the completed diamonds. 🙂


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