Hidden Treasures

When we got a flat panel television a few years ago, we had to rearrange furniture as it wouldn’t fit in the wall unit and ended up blocking three drawers. Three drawers in which I have quilt-related items. Some of which I have forgotten. Last week I got it in my head that I was determined to see at least some of what was in those drawers. And there they were … hidden treasures. All sorts of shapes printed on fabric with Inklingo.


I knew there were more 1″ squares than those that are in the box of 1″ squares. Sure enough – two bags of them appeared.


One of these days, some of those 1″ squares will turn into another 9-patch quilt something like this teddy bear quilt made a few years ago.


And hexagons. Many, many hexagons. These are all .50″ hexagons. After seeing all the posts on pieced hexagons on the All About Inklingo blog the past few days, I’m tempted to add some half hexagons, some .50″ 60-degree diamonds and maybe some equilateral triangles to this mix and see where I get with some pieced hexagons.


Then there are all these hexagon flowers I’ve made over the years, mostly made with 1″ hexagons, but some with .75″ hexagons. Some in Oriental prints and some in my favourite pinks and greens. They were tucked away as I really have no idea what I want to do with them.


I knew there was a small stack of black and white stars made with .50″ 60-degree diamonds. They also got fished out from one of the drawers.


This box is full to the brim with the pieces to make more of those black and white stars. Now that I’ve looked at this again, I think I’m going to add the odd bright batik here and there in what will ultimately end up as a teddy bear or doll quilt.

I was only able to get out a few things from those three drawers. I think we may just have to move some things around so I can see what other treasures lurk in there.


We can tell spring is coming as Baxter is definitely shedding. So off he and his pals went to the Kitty Style Salon.


He loves this felt toy on a shoelace. Carries it with him everywhere. Sleeps with it. Keeps it within reach at all times.

11 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures

  1. Wow, how cool is that to find all of the projects “in the works”!! I absolutely adore the black and white one. Now you have many more to add to your “to do” list.


  2. It is amazing when you find long lost treasures, makes you think about organization again, at least in my house! 🙂
    Baxter at a Kitty Salon is so funny! Why is Cappy the first to get groomed, or so it appears?


  3. Those are some great treasures. I particularly like your black and white stars. They’d be great on their own, but I also like your idea of adding in some splashes of colour with batiks.


  4. VIDAL CATSOON!!!~ lol ha ha ha… Oh Lordy. How do you STAND it Cathi?!?! lol
    I so enjoy the Baxtertoons.
    Keep digging!~ I’ll start at this end and we will meet up one day. lol


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