Case of the Secret Garden, Clue 5 Done


After printing the shapes on fabric from last week’s clue in the Case of the Secret Garden mystery quilt, I then stitched the blocks from that clue. Once they were all done, I couldn’t resist putting them up on the design wall just to play. I have no idea what the final layout will be and there are more blocks to be made, but so far I am definitely liking what I’m seeing.

The fabrics look much nicer in person than they do in photos. I’m hoping that by the time the mystery quilt is finished the roof garden might be open and we’ll be able to take a good photo outside in natural light. I think that will help.


Baxter and his friends were playing in a garden. I think they’re wishing spring would hurry up and get here.


While we can’t see anything happening out on the roof garden, there is something out there that had Baxter’s attention for quite some time on Sunday. He was very intently staring out the window. Then he turned around to pose for the camera.

6 thoughts on “Case of the Secret Garden, Clue 5 Done

  1. I see Mr. Gator is joining Baxter and his other friends. I really like his gardening outfit.
    Yes, this quilt IS YOU~as Jennifer said. Really very pretty.


  2. Beautiful Cathi,
    I have really enjoyed following your Case of the Secret Garden adventure, thanks for blogging it. Can’t wait to see the finish.


  3. I hope your roof garden is open soon for you. We could all use a little fresh air and sunshine! I’m looking forward to see pics of the quilt done.


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