Hidden Treasures – Part 2


After practically dislocating my shoulder getting a few more things out of one of the drawers, aka the keepers of hidden treasures, I was thrilled to find these. Perfect apple cores from a swap a few years ago. These will be lots and lots of fun to stitch, now that I’ve found them again. Fun with lovely curved piecing is ahead of me joining these. I’m going to try to make this a random scrappy quilt and just join them as I find them. Whether I can be that scrappy about it remains to be seen. I may sort them into colour groups first.

I can’t even remember how long ago the swap was now! I know they’re all perfect thanks to the stitching lines and matching points and cutting lines of Inklingo. As I was looking at them and thinking what I might do for a border, I realized that even if I do need to print and cut some more it will be fun as I now am really confident about cutting curves with a rotary cutter.

The thought of disconnecting and then reconnecting all the wiring for the television and associated things isn’t really appealing, but it’s going to happen soon as I want to get into those drawers in their entirety and find out what other treasures lurk in there! What else have I forgotten, I wonder?

Our Internet connection yesterday was incredibly spotty. It seemed like almost every time I started to leave a comment or write an e-mail, it would drop out again. Made me wonder if switching to Daylight Savings Time somehow had a strange effect on our ISP, although I’m sure that’s not it. Just one of the strange thoughts that goes through my mind sometimes.


A friend has me hooked on Words with Friends. Seems Baxter and his pals have their own game called Words With Kitty Friends. Of course the first three words they made were cat, toy and buy!


I think it’s official that spring is close. Baxter is suddenly spending more and more time in his kitty tree looking out the window. Yesterday I heard a flock of birds go by, chirping away. Not sure what they were as I didn’t see them, but judging by the sound there were quite a few. Now to see some green leaves on the tree. Or the one lonely daffodil that comes up every year in one of the flowerbeds.

6 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures – Part 2

  1. Hope you find more treasures in those drawers! Maybe you could send Baxter in there to pull things out! Or he might just figure out it’s a nice place to take a nap!
    Hope spring comes soon, just had a blizzard here, but will be 60 on Friday!


  2. Sounds like a magical drawer you have there. What fun!~ I love apple cores. I wonder if someone had the daffodil in a pot and when it was finished blooming, planted it? I do that with bulbs that I buy in pots blooming. Most of the time, they don’t come back here. I have some that I am going to put in brown paper bags and put in the freezer and try to force again in the Fall.


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