A Little Diversion

I knew those apple cores I found in the treasure drawer last night were going to be hard to resist. Really, really hard to resist. At first I thought I could limit myself to sorting them into dark and medium/light groups. Nope, I wanted to play with them some more.


So then I stitched together six of them. This is going to be such fun! Because of the stitching lines and matching points printed on the fabrics, it is a very quick stitch. I had these six together in no time. Lots of curved piecing ahead of me with this little project.


I’m grading the seams as I finish adding each piece. A quick press with the iron and they’re ready for some more to be added to the mix. But now I’m going to try to stick with a couple of other projects I already have on the go, the most pressing being the mystery quilt. But oh, these apple cores are tempting! Right now the piece measures approximately 5″ x 7″.


Seems Words With Kitty Friends wasn’t enough. Now Baxter’s playing in the Kitty Kryptic Krossword Kontest!


I love the look on his face in this shot.

7 thoughts on “A Little Diversion

  1. I have no idea how I thought the apple cores would be used, but I never thought of the being pieced like that. They look great though. They’d look really good done in a woven look too I think (using colour/fabric to make them look woven)


  2. These are intriguing; and on my list for the future . . . I like Nic’s idea that one could make the quilt look woven by how one uses the fabrics. I weave, too, although I don’t have room for a loom at present (and am more a beginner than anything). So I like the cross-over of ideas. ~ Linne


  3. Looking good Cathi!!~ I love the scrappy look. I am working on a quilt now, where when I get to a certain point, I am putting the pieces in a bag and shaking it up… want a good “mix”. Love scrappy in some quilts.


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