A Slight Obsession, Maybe?

More forgotten treasures were rescued from the magic drawer. Treasures which revealed I may have had a slight obsession with piecing diamonds for quite some time.


Seems I wasn’t content to have made my Quilted Diamonds top.


As I fished out bag after bag of pieced diamonds from the drawer I was astounded at just how many others I had made. First up was a set of pink and white diamonds. I had completely forgotten about these ones.


Then a set of purple and white ones.


Then another set of a different pink with white.


Then a few done in ’30s prints.


Some in batiks.


Some done in greens and pinks.


Then a large group done in my favourite shabby chic fabrics.


And yet more of the shabby chic ones.


Each one of the pieced diamonds in all these pictures is this size. And this one is one of my favourites of them all. I loved putting together this one with its tiny triangles.  I knew I had made a lot of  pieced diamonds, but had absolutely no idea there were this many. Now that they have been rescued from the magic drawers, I am determined to figure out a setting for each group and turn them into a finished project. They’ve languished in those bags in the drawers for far too long.


Baxter was busy investigating the magic drawers too.


He was posing for the camera yesterday afternoon.

23 thoughts on “A Slight Obsession, Maybe?

  1. Were the diamonds a Dear Jane inspiration? Was this pre Inklingo days? I love miniatures and these diamonds are so intricate. They are multi dimensional. It’s like looking into one of those eggs that has a tiny scene, it feels like a tiny world within itself. So fun. Alice in Wonderland esc. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Wow! What a lot of diamonds you found in your treasure drawer!! Love them all but the shabby ones are my favourites. I have about 7 made in shabby fabrics… they are in a box waiting for me to make some more one day 😉 Just been doing a bit of catch up on the treasure draw and see you have a lot of fun ahead with your finds. Baxtertoon is so funny and Baxter is looking so handsome in this photo shot. Don’t forget to check under the drawers in case any treasure has slipped over the back and under. ;))


  3. Holy Cow! That is a lot of diamonds! It’s like the drawer that keeps giving.
    I’m driving down to Mississauga today for a visit. I’m going to soak up your warm weather LOL.


  4. Oh, thank you for this! You allow me to release my feelings of guilt over unfinished projects when you write posts like this. I, too, visit them from time to time, delighting in them as if I were seeing a long-forgotten friend. Almost none of them have lost my heart. The key is to choose just one and finish it now.


  5. I am wondering if the other kitty friends got lost in the drawer, usually Baxter has buddies with him
    Do you think will try to put these blocks together in to one quilt? I would love to see what you decide to do with them


  6. Oh my gosh, you really hit the jackpot on finding those! I can’t believe you had forgotten about them, but then again you have SOOOOO many projects! Have fun with finishing them! And keep looking for more, they seem to grow overnight!


  7. So many amazing treasures! I can only imagine how much work went into these…
    glad they’ll find a new purpose and a grand finale!!! Dear Jane project???
    Hugs and happy stitching!


  8. Slight? I think the words “slight” and “obsession” are a bit contradictory. These are over the top! Can’t believe you forgot about them. Beautiful, Cathi. I see at least 6 new quilts in your future. What treasures these are!


  9. Oh my… What treasures! I see a set of eyes in your drawers, but keep an eye on all of those diamonds. Each is so unique and beautiful. I want to come to YOUR house and PLAY!~~~ 🙂


  10. You hit the jackpot! You’re going to have some beautiful quilts with all of these diamonds.

    Love seeing your beautiful fluff ball everyday. How often do you have to brush him?


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