Am I Going to Get Caught Up …

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… and finish Clue 6 before Monday when Clue 7 in the Case of the Secret Garden mystery quilt comes out? I don’t know!

There was no printing this week. Just lots of stitching of pieces already printed on fabric and cut out. I thought I’d be much further along by now.


But this is all I’ve managed to get done so far this week on the mystery quilt! I still have to take these pieces and turn them into …


… pieced spokes of the arcs.


Which will then have to be joined to these …


… and turned into more partial blocks like these.

Can I do it by Monday? I think my only hope is if I do the straight seams by machine. But there’s still a fair bit of curved stitching to do to join the pieces in the first photo before I get to the straight seams. Stay tuned. Monday I’ll reveal how far I managed to get. I definitely feel like I’m racing against the clock on this clue!


It has been rather cold again. Nothing like last March when we had such wonderful warm days. This is more like our normal March. And they say it’s going to snow today. Again. Baxter is definitely wishing for spring.


In the meantime, until it warms up, he’s cozy and comfortably settled in for a snooze while he waits for spring and activity out on the roof garden to watch.

7 thoughts on “Am I Going to Get Caught Up …

  1. Quilt Obsession, you and I both! Have fun quilting! I’ll have to start up on my quilting projects sometime soon as it’s that time of year for me. Have a great weekend!


  2. That Baxter is too cute with his precious little white paws curled up to his nose. So want to snuggle up with him, but like a sleeping baby it’s best just to let them rest. The richness in your darks is very nice, anticipating the mystery unveiled….


  3. Ive been looking and watching… still fascinated by the small pieces you work with. Baxter is looking as cute as ever. Does he snore? My cat at 16yrs sounds like a truck.


  4. Sounds like you’re going to have to get super speedy this weekend. Good luck.
    Aren’t they cute when thy sleep like that, looking all innocent. Which of course they’re not 🙂


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