And the Answer Is …

… no, I didn’t get the piecing for Clue 6 of the Case of the Secret Garden mystery quilt finished. Not even close! And Clue 7 comes out today.


I made 96 of these pieced spokes for the arcs last week. All stitched by hand.


All pressed and the little seams graded.

But there was no way I could manage to get the spokes sewn into arcs. I may try machine stitching one set of spokes into an arc today and see how it turns out. If I do and I’m content with it, I may go that route to try to keep up. Or I may just decide to work on this at my own pace and continue piecing it all by hand.


I have the various spokes all sorted into groups now for stitching, so whether I stitch them by hand or by machine they are ready to just pick up and stitch.

Sketch 2013-03-17 21_58_39wtmk

We could hear the St. Patrick’s Day parade yesterday. Seems Baxter and a friend and Cappy took part.


Afterwards he was curled up on top of “his” quilt, resting. I wonder if they had special green catnip for St. Patrick’s Day? Hmm …

3 thoughts on “And the Answer Is …

  1. Too much St. Patrick’s Day festivities, Cathi?!?! tee hee
    You always get so, so much done. Take your time and enjoy the process…
    I love seeing all the “green” in today’s Baxteroon, including Mr. Gator. 🙂


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