Goodbye, Google Reader … Hello, ?

Like everyone else, I was dismayed to read Google Reader was going to be shut down as of July 1. I’ve used and been happy with it for years. The loss of Google Reader could have a huge impact on those of us who read lots of blogs and those of us with blogs. As a blog reader, it was a great way to keep track of the blogs I follow which I had sorted into categories. As a blogger, it was great to know that people could easily subscribe to my blog through Google Reader.

I don’t want to miss out on the blogs I’ve been following for years because of the loss of Google Reader and I sure don’t want to lose readers of my blog. So I spent some time last week looking at options. Two really stand out to me – Feedly and Bloglovin‘. Bloglovin’ and Feedly have made it oh, so easy to transfer over the list of blogs you read from Google Reader. Really, really easy. A click of the mouse and it’s done.

There are two other options. You can subscribe to receive my blog via e-mail. That way, as soon as a blog post publishes, you get it in your inbox. It’s easy to do. On the sidebar, you can input your e-mail address in the box under “Subscribe by E-mail” and it’s done. Or, if you are also a WordPress user, you can follow my blog through WordPress and use the WordPress Reader. It’s a great way to keep track of other WordPress blogs and I make use of it daily.

The Feedly blog has a “Tips for Google Readers migrating to Feedly” post that explains how to use Feedly and how easy it is to switch over. What I particularly like about Feedly is that it transferred my blog list in the categories I had already set up on Google Reader. That, to me, is a big plus. And I really like the interface. Bloglovin’ I’m still getting used to, as I have spent more time using Feedly.

I’ve claimed my blog on Bloglovin so, if you want to follow my blog using Bloglovin’, it’s easy to do so. Just click on the “Follow this Blog with Bloglovin'” button in the sidebar that’s right beneath the “Subscribe by E-mail” widget.

I would almost bet there will be other services that will jump in to try to fill the void that will be left by Google Reader’s demise, so I think it will be an interesting few months while we see what else becomes available. But for now, I’m pretty sold on both Feedly and Bloglovin’.


Baxter was giving his pals a class on “Cat” Reader options.


I’m really not sure what this look on his face is all about. Perhaps it’s just too much tech stuff for one day!

14 thoughts on “Goodbye, Google Reader … Hello, ?

  1. I’ve never used Google Reader (or heard of it). I get your new post via email so I never miss a thing 🙂
    That is the most beautiful photo of Baxter. He is so regal!


  2. I get the blogs I want to read straight into my inbox, including yours 😉 If I get behind (which I do a lot of things) I just pick up on the current top or read the last few relating to the current topic. Though they usually land in my inbox the following day to being posted. Thanks for the tips on other services. I have a few on google reader only so much try find a new home for them. Baxter does not look comfy on his platform but he must be, lol.


  3. Cathi, I am also on Bloglovin’ and Feedly. I wonder if there will be enough people complaining about Google letting go of Reader that they might just choose to keep it.


  4. My son told me about feedly. Turns out I like it. The provide a great app. Makes reading blogs easier when I can do it on my iPad. Also, the google reader feed switched right over. Really easy


  5. Cathi, I think this is one of my favorite pictures of Baxter. He has so many different looks and poses, but the pink toes and white white fur on his feet is so amazing. He is one handsome kitty.


  6. Google Reader going away does not affect your blogs. Google Reader is a web-based application for reading documents on the Internet using Google’s proprietary “reader”. The “reader” is what is going away, not the capability of reading web posts and blogs that you all have created. You just won’t be able to read documents and books using the Google Reader, since it will no longer exist. Does that make if more clear?


  7. Thanks for your comments about “Reader” options and Mr. Q.O.’s wonderful Baxtertoon on the subject. I’m going to check out Feedly. Adore the photo of Baxter!! A wonderful expression on his face and you can see his fuzzy toes (love cat toes)


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