Another Harpsichord Block

That’s about it. The total of my stitching on the weekend. One lonely harpsichord quilt block. I was so wiped out from the workload last week that even stitching seemed like too much work. I never say that! But that’s how I felt this past weekend. Two or, at the maximum, three more days of this and then I’m taking an extra long weekend.

It pressed in a second. Good thing too, ’cause using an iron was not something I looked forward to — not even with the super lightweight Rowenta travel iron.

This box is anything but pretty, but it serves the purpose. Everything for the harpsichord quilt is in here – a gazillion glassine envelopes, each containing the pieces for anywhere from 6 to 10 blocks, the blocks that have been made to date, the rows that have been joined to date, the gold and the black music fabric in case I need to print more octagons. Want to see a pretty box and some very happy stars? Go to Barb at Just Sayin’ Sew‘s blog post here. She has a very cheerful party box for some super pretty stars.

I clearly didn’t get caught up on anything on the weekend. No replying to comments, no leaving comments, no talking to friends, no catching up on e-mail. I figure it’s going to take me at least a couple of days to rest up after this project is finished for work but by the time next weekend rolls around I expect to be back to normal.

Baxter seems to think he’s the resident artist. A self-portrait, no less!

After all that drawing, he was upside down napping. I wish I was upside down napping!

8 thoughts on “Another Harpsichord Block

  1. those are cute little boxes that you linked to, I spent the weekend printing out fabric and getting ready to start Lucy Boston. I need to change up my blog a little bit and add some of these inklingo buttons.


  2. Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly – hope you feel on top of the world again soon! I notice Baxter is not looking after you, too busy looking after himself…..he is not at all stressed by life, is he?


  3. Hang in there, you know it will get better so focus on the weekend! And I know from a cat family that looking at cats sleeping encourages laziness because you just want to be in their position so avoid looking at that curled up sleepy, relaxed, cozy, contented cat…ok now I want to take a nap, too!


  4. What a wonderful post! I love your block and you always get more done than I do… Even on your off times. You are amazing! I hope you are finished with work soon and take a well deserved rest. I use the lettuce container boxes that we have here, kind of like this one. I popped over to Barb’s blog. So nice. I like it when you let us know of other nice blogs. I could never get round to them all… I love Baxter’s drawing! I’d like that on a tote bag or Tshirt! It’s wonderful! What a great photo of the artist. He fell asleep next to his modern day paints. 🙂 Yes, don’t reply here either… Thinking of ya!


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