A Quilter in the Making

This week has been challenging for me as I’ve been absolutely swamped with unexpected work that has had horribly tight deadlines. It’s so bad that I didn’t even touch fabric yesterday. And that is the reason I’ve been less than wonderful at replying to comments this week. I hope to get caught up this weekend. But there’s a quilter in the making in the Q.O. household who is taking over my blog, it seems.

Presenting …

… Baxter’s first quilt design.

After all that design work, he needed a nap. As soon as I finish this work today, I’m joining him and having a nap.

13 thoughts on “A Quilter in the Making

  1. Baxter’s wonderful design made me smile. I also like his creative spelling! LOL
    Hope your weekend is much more relaxing and you get to do more than touch fabric.
    I hope it’s OK that I Pinned Baxter’s design on Pintrest


    • Mr. Q.O. had fun “helping” Baxter design that. At the rate things are going, I may need that team to do more designing as this workload is just increasing by the hour!

      I would really prefer that Baxter’s “design” not be pinned on Pinterest as I did not watermark it and it therefore gives no indication where it came from if it gets repinned and repinned. So I would appreciate it if you deleted it.


  2. Lovely Baxter…you are showing your true talents!!! Cathi, hope your rest is long and
    peaceful…you’ve given all of us so much pleasure with your blog…you deserve a break! Sweet dreams!


  3. Way to go, Baxter! What a cat… taking over for Mom while she’s too busy with work. Boo and Miss Kitty really looked it over. Now they’ve got their designing heads together. It’s a cat quilt design take-over! LOL!


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