New York Beauty, Version 3

So much for me not getting distracted this week. A third variety of Inklingo New York Beauty blocks was released yesterday. When I saw those super skinny spiky points, I was lost. Absolutely and totally lost. Super spiky points and curved piecing all in one block? Who could ask for anything better? Not me! The best part? Some of the shapes in all three New York Beauty collections are interchangeable. And even better? There are some bonus shapes in New York Beauty 3 that are going to add even more to how much variety can be incorporated into these blocks.

In next to no time, I had fabric pressed to freezer paper and was printing the templates for the centre of my new block on the back of two fabrics. As I had done so much printing of New York Beauty 1 and 2, I could make use of the quarter circle, small arc, large arc and corner pieces I had already printed on the fabrics I’m using for these blocks.

It is so easy to get some wonderfully spiky points thanks to the stitching lines and matching points. When I was pressing this block I even flirted with the idea of machine piecing some of the block centres. It was a moment of weakness, no question, as I find hand piecing these so relaxing. I’m sure the opposite would be true for me were I to machine piece them and I’d miss the continuous stitching possibilities. But I may try one block, just for fun.

I had to see how all three of the variations looked together. Clearly, I love the large floral in this line as I seem to select it for many of the corners and arcs. Now I can’t wait to do a few blocks with the bonus shapes in the third collection to add even more variety to the mix!

Want to see how pretty these blocks can look in a more muted, softer colourway? Then go here, to the All About Inklingo blog, and have a look at just how beautiful they are in a soft dreamy set of fabrics. And get a peek at what can be done with the bonus shapes.

Clearly I am fascinated by these New York Beauty blocks. There’s something about sharp, spiky points and curved piecing that I find irresistible. That said, I am going to try to stay focused on the red and white quilt border blocks and get it finished before June is over. Notice how the time on this one keeps getting extended? What can I say? I just can’t stop myself from stitching these wonderfully spiky and curved blocks.

Baxter was draped over the side of the chair, watching what was going on and probably waiting to see if I’d drop a piece of fabric he could grab.

8 thoughts on “New York Beauty, Version 3

  1. When I saw there was a new NYB collection to be had yesterday, I just knew you would have one to show on your blog today and sure enough, there it is! And it is a beauty!! Can’t wait to see more!!


  2. it looks beautiful! I love these blocks and have a feeling the NYB will be one that I want to make also. I don’t like to get started on too many at one time though so that might be a next year project. How many different quilts do you work on at the same time?


  3. Well I really expected to see a whole NYB quilt all done by today, you must have had a good night’s sleep instead! πŸ™‚ Baxter is just amazed at those new blocks as he should be! Nice!


  4. First thing I did this morning was to see your newest block, I knew it would be here! Beautiful! I LOVE this one! Now that YOU AND Barb have taught me how to do this, I’m obsessed with Inklingo. I’m still fascinated at how much you get done. I think Baxter must surely do the printing and cutting while you stitch!!! πŸ™‚


  5. I have the NYB3 as well just wish this had come out before #2. I have stitched one of #2 but will have to print and stitch #1 &3 now. Baxter is too cute.


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