Colourful Nine Patches, Colourful Stars

After making the squares in squares on Tuesday, I decided last night to make a few more of the 9-patch blocks set on point. They’re bright and cheerful and just what I needed after a few hours of working on the dreaded tax stuff. And the stack of finished blocks is slowly growing.

A couple more stars for the little hexagon quilt were made as well. There’s something about making a six-pointed star that I find irresistible. Possibly it’s because they always seem to go together so effortlessly. A few years ago I printed and printed the 1″ 60-degree diamonds on ’30s fabrics and solids. They’ve already been used to make one baby quilt and more will be used in the new hexagon quilt I’ve started, but that won’t even come close to making a dent in the number I’ve got printed.

That was one thing I learned early on with Inklingo. It really does pay off for me if I print lots of a shape that I know I like working with. One year I had the flu and wanted to stitch, but definitely didn’t have the energy to print or cut. So I opened up a box containing lots of shapes that I’d already printed and cut, and was able to stitch as many blocks as I wanted. Ever since then, I’ve tended to print extras of shapes. It’s also, for me, a fun way to design. I’ll grab a handful of shapes and play with them on my design book to see what I can come up with.

We have more work (hopefully, this is the end of it) to do on the taxes today. If nothing else, I’m going to start working with some form of a spreadsheet so I can keep track of everything and just be able to print off summaries at the end of the year.

Baxter was bored by the whole process and had a nap.

8 thoughts on “Colourful Nine Patches, Colourful Stars

  1. I’m with Baxter. That tax stuff is boring! But not your cute little stars and nine patches. What fun! And what a great idea about having loads of already printed things to stitch. I am in love with hexagons lately and feel like I should be making many hexagon quilts. Thanks for the early morning inspiration again today!


  2. Oh my, aren’t taxes the pits? I have no idea why those government people
    sit in their offices playing “stump the people” and create the most complex
    paperwork to baffle the masses! I believe our tax due date may even be
    sooner than yours (15th here…17th this year!)…but I’m thinking an extension
    may be in order since the big guy is studying for finals on his law school
    exams. Now, if only I had a little box of pre-printed Inklingo shapes to
    keep me out of the line of fire…while moods and tempers are short! 😉 I’m
    with Baxter, much rather be napping than doing taxes…but I’d perk up
    fast with those darling nine-patches and stars! Well done! Amazing too!


  3. Good ol’ taxes! I keep a huge folder by category and then just take it into my CPA and she does them in no time! Then the bad news of now much to pay the IRS! Yikes! I keep asking her why we cannot claim Harry, Hazel and Sparkle but she keeps saying, there are NO MEOW allowances! 😦


  4. I love Baxter, plus he’s a real beauty! I also always love the pretty boxes you keep all your Inklingo pieces in…where do you get them, and I wonder why pretty boxes are so, so appealing? Your pretty 9-patches on point make me want to sew something bright today! 🙂


  5. Cathi, a great idea to have shapes already for the rainy day. TAX time, do you keep a cash book, and enter details from each bank statement,into numbered columns,i.e. fuel,fabric, sales, bank charges, stationery, etc., add up each page, then transfer to a grand total page.Email me if you want more on this.Cheers from Jean,


  6. I love seeing your boxes full of shapes. I know you do too! 🙂 Like your little “Savings Account” of quilting goodies! Very pretty blocks


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