Square in a Square

Four little 2.25″ blocks are all I have to show for yesterday’s stitching. I wasn’t happy with the corners of one of the pieced borders on Scrappy Star. I knew I was going to have to come up with a different idea. It will involve a little unstitching, but I know I’ll be much happier with the result.

Once I had decided on this idea I looked in the scraps container and, sure enough, I had just enough of the pink/green fabric for the four centre squares. I quickly ironed it to freezer paper, fed it through the printer and had my squares. A minute later and I had printed the 16 triangles needed to turn them into the squares in squares. Half an hour later and they were stitched.

A minute later, they were pressed.

Why so little stitching? Well, because we’ve hit that terrible time of year — tax time! A lot of organizing was going on here yesterday with more promised for today. Hopefully it will all be ready to go out the door by tonight. There will be some stitching tonight, no matter what, as I don’t feel like I’ve relaxed until some stitching has been done.

One of these years I’m going to get organized with a computer program so that this nightmare doesn’t repeat every year. Does anyone have a suggestion about a good program for keeping track of expenses/receipts that’s a Mac-friendly program and one doesn’t need to be a chartered accountant to understand?

As soon as the camera was turned on to take the photo of the little blocks, Baxter was posing.

8 thoughts on “Square in a Square

  1. HA!~ As soon as my pups hear the camera, they move and think we are going for a ride… I always took it with me on the island. To this day it is hard to get a photo of them, as they are bouncing up and down, running to the door. lol

    Oh gosh, tax time. I have to admit I’m still in the old fashioned folder stage with slips in each and piles on my desk. It’s no fun. Can you believe I started school to be a CPA?!?!?! whew! Good thing I didn’t do THAT! Not my calling. Best wishes for a speedy end this year.

    I LOVE your little blocks and can’t wait to see your pattern for this beauty! What a gorgeous quilt it will be. The fabrics are right up my alley. That is a gorgeous toile! Happy stitching!~Love seeing what you are doing each day Cathi.


  2. Taxes!!!! Yes, we use the turbo tax and as soon as hubby gets his necessary papers! I love those blocks…you make me want to try hand piecing. I love Baxter; give a hug and kiss for me…


  3. I use Quicken to keep track of what I’ve spent and where it went. Then I use taxcut (H&R block) to actually do the taxes. That comes with a program called deduction pro that helps keep track of donations and other tax deductions. I don’t know if they have a Canadian version

    Hope that helps


  4. This is Baxter’s Tax expression I am sure of it! We do have an accountant do ours. Good luck getting it all done. It will feel so much better when you have it out that door and on it’s way.


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