Yet Another Pickled Lady

A new Pickled Lady is ready to join the bevy of beauties. When I started putting the original Pickled Ladies together, I realized I wanted it to finish larger. So more florals were fussy cut/printed and more of the blocks have been and are being made as well as the partial blocks to square it up.

While I am still working on the red and white Feathered Star/Sunflower quilt, the Pickled Ladies are going to get equal time. As will Scrappy Star. In fact, Scrappy Star may need only a couple more evenings of work until it’s finished. So I may have three tops finished in relatively quick succession.

Pressing of the latest Pickled Lady took only a second and grading the seams took not much longer. This one is now ready to add to the group.

Baxter has completely taken over the blue and white quilt on the couch. I don’t think he could get more relaxed!

10 thoughts on “Yet Another Pickled Lady

  1. I have enjoyed watching all the Pickled Ladies come to the dance and can’t wait to see them all together in your quilt. What a beauty that will be! Baxter sure is growing. Still! So pretty.


  2. You are so good at this block!! Baxter looks to have taken lessons from Bhu on proper use of a quilt! He seems especially good at the straddling technique! LOL xxoo Patty & Bhu


  3. I love those pickled ladies! another quilt added to my bucket list .. . beautiful.
    And . .. I am a dog person but I love your cat!! Pat


  4. Dearest Cathi,
    I have been checking in time to time but not nearly as much as I wanted so I am now receiving your blog post by email-much better!!!
    I have been thinking about you! How are you? I have been on a bit of aroller coaster lately but right now am hopefully at the tail end of it!
    Your stitching is always gorgeous and you are so prolific! I sooo luv those pickled ladies-OH MY!
    Baxter is such a ham and a gorgouus one at that! ❤


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