Cheerful Hexagon Blocks

Close to half a dozen more of the little hexagon blocks were added to the group on the weekend. As each of these hexagons measures 2″, the quilt should grow fairly quickly. That said, for now it’s only weekend play stitching as I’m going back to work on the red and white piecing during the week.

We had a beautiful Easter weekend with mild temperatures and lots of sun. And, unfortunately, lots of allergens in the air. There’s a lot of sneezing going on in this household.

This week I’m hoping to go through my quilt books as I know there are a number that should go to new homes. They’re taking up a lot of shelf space and are books I know I won’t be looking at again. What do you do with quilt books which you longer want?

Then I’m hoping to attack, once again, my fabric and try to get it organized in a better fashion. I need to figure out a way of storing it that doesn’t involve large containers as they’re too heavy for my hands. One idea I’ve had is to empty a bookshelf or three and use them for the fabrics I most often turn to. That way they’d be out where I could see and easily access them. But that would also put fabric within reach of a certain kitty who just loves nothing better than to get a piece of fabric.

Saturday night I failed to put all the little hexagon blocks out of reach and Mr. Q.O. woke up Sunday morning to find two of them on the bedroom floor. There was no damage done and no teeth marks. Baxter just likes carting them around.

Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “You woke me … for food?”

13 thoughts on “Cheerful Hexagon Blocks

  1. Baxter is such a trip. My cats like to open storage cabinets that hold fabric. Tinker belle will drag fabric out to play with.

    You projects are always a bright spot in my day.


  2. Love the variety of the hexes! It will be a wonderful quilt when it is complete. Too bad you are only working on it on the weekends. As far as old books that I no longer want… well…. I keep them. I know I don’t really want them, but I just don’t have the time to sort through them. I guess I should find the time. I am enjoying baseball too! Today, my team comes to your team!! Funny how our kitties cart our things around. Mine do it all the time.


  3. Cathi,
    the little hexie blocks look so cute, maybe Baxter just wants to keep a few for himself. I love the look of the half opened eye. It has disgusted written all over it.


  4. Oh I’m loving these hexes Cathi 🙂 It’s so cute how Baxter loves to pinch your blocks and wander off with them. LOL. Maybe it’s your scent on them.

    I have about half a dozen of these little hexagons some where in a box. They are from Tilde’s Sampler blog a couple years ago. One of these days I’m going to have to pull them out.

    I know what you mean about the allergens. We can’t win can we. My sinuses have already started acting up. Ellyx


  5. Love your hexi’s! The books. So hard to let them go…I always pass them along to friends who I know will appreciate them. Do you belong to a guild? Is there a local guild with a library? Glad you had a nice Easter!


  6. Beautiful colors with those hexies! 🙂

    I’ve done reasonably well selling older quilting or crafting books on eBay. I usually start with a low listing price, and let them go for what the market will bear. I am so meticulous with my books that they are in excellent condition at resale time, so this has been an easy process for me.

    I do have about a dozen that after several times listed on eBay are still unsold. I will be carting these to a local used book store that I like a great deal for them to sell. I won’t get much for them, but it makes me happy to know that I can enhance their store by having some pretty books added to the shelves LOL!


  7. So delighted to hear that the fine weather is reaching you at last, but not the
    allergens and sneezing it produces! Hope it passes quickly…the sneezing…not the nice weather! The hexagons are charming…lovely assortment and colors! Only 2 inches??? Yikes! I think I have dust bunnies bigger than that! 😉 Hmm, I can’t imagine you ever needing to
    “organize”…but hope you can find a new method that won’t tax your hands! Keep them in good shape for the wonderful piecing you are so accomplished at! Baxter, as always you are a delight…and yes, even I am open to a wake
    up call if food is involved!!!! Hugs to all the “O’s”!


  8. Oh Baxter! He’s so funny with his natural love of ready made pieces and blocks. Too cute. Way too cute!!! I can’t believe you’re going to unload some of your quilting books. Seriously? Well you totally know what I’m going to do with mine. Shucks, I don’t have many so what am I talking about?! Silly. Really I just write to drive you nuts.


  9. Sneezing here too. I love this little quilt~ Baxter just wants a part of his ‘mama’ to carry around with him. It’s interesting that he doesn’t hurt the blocks. The mailman just left our house and brought me a wonderful new quilting book! 🙂 I am going to make a glass of iced tea now and go sit on the back porch. THANK YOU!
    I have so many that I know I won’t use. I think the suggestion of selling online is a good one. I am going to start giving a few away. I tend to not get rid of ANYTHING, but it’s time in this household. I just have to. Have a wonderful day!


  10. Wait, wait, wait a moment….you said there were two blocks on the floor, but you failed to see the others that he has stashed in or under his kitty bed for later use! You never know, he might be planning to make his own creation with little teeth marks instead of quilting stitches!


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