Colourful Little Nine Patches

Over the past few months, I have worked on putting the 9-patch blocks together bit by bit. Sometimes when I’m stitching a block like a Feathered Star, I’ll reach the end of some continuous stitching and, rather than begin the next stage, it’s the perfect time to make one or two of these blocks. There are nine left to make and then I’ll have the total needed for the little quilt I have in mind.

Seconds after that photo was taken, Baxter had one of the 9-patch blocks in his mouth and was proudly carting it off towards the kitchen. I have a feeling he was taking it to put in his water bowl. Thankfully I rescued it before he got that far!

The stack of finished 9-patch blocks on point have also been growing as that’s another easy stitch to pick up after some more involved piecing.

But the box full of the 9-patch blocks waiting to be surrounded by triangles has grown at a faster pace than those that have been finished.  The box is now full to the brim.

Baxter was curled up in his kitty bed beside the toy basket. He loves to curl up there, particularly on cooler evenings which last night definitely was.

7 thoughts on “Colourful Little Nine Patches

  1. Such nice little blocks, no wonder Baxter wanted one for himself! He might just be telling you what pattern to use on his own quilt…when he ever gets his own…….:)


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