Little Red and White Blocks

Remember these little 6″ blocks? They’ve been languishing on my sewing table, waiting to be turned into a small quilt. I was looking at them last night and thought I had decided on a setting that will require only two more blocks. That is, I thought I had until I noticed the secondary star pattern they create when put together this way when I looked at the photo. That may change my setting idea.

Here are the pieces for one of the two remaining blocks, ready to be stitched together. With any luck, I might get the remaining two blocks done this weekend and may even get a start at putting the little top together.

One of my goals is to do a series of two-colour quilts. So far, all those that I’ve done have been lap size or larger. The little red and white one will be the first small two-colour quilt, but I’m now thinking that a whole series of two-colour little quilts might be fun.

Baxter caught sight of the pieces for the little red and white block and this was his reaction. He really loves to get a piece of fabric and march around with it in his mouth so I could almost imagine him thinking, “Yum, fabric bits!”

12 thoughts on “Little Red and White Blocks

  1. I like the layout of these blocks. Looks like you don’t need to finish the other two. Although they would be a great part of a pieced back! Baxter is too funny!


  2. I love the block with all its components. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this would be fabulous as a scrap quilt. I’m on the hunt for a new project….Love Baxers tongue, so cute.


  3. Red and white is just a stunning combination, no idea why it is so often overlooked
    these days! Perfect piecing as always! Hugs and happy Friday!


  4. GF, this is an incredibly awesome layout. Tops! Have your ears on? I’m sayin’ it loud. TOPS!!! Just freakin’ Wow! I’m totally diggin’ it. Damn.


  5. Kricket insists on commenting on how tall Baxter looks. She has herself a good old fashion crush. I think its the birthday sharing thing.


  6. that’s what I love about a design wall. You put the blocks up and all of a sudden you are seeing something else. I know your blocks are tiny so you don’t need a wall. I love the red and white and yes a series of little 2 color quilts is a great idea.


  7. You can’t go wrong with two color quilts! That will be awesome!

    But now I have to comment on something that I have noticed…you are always saying “with any luck”……..but I think it really means “I can do this and get this done, but instead of “with any luck”, it really means “unless I get distracted and start working on another unfinished project”….am I right? 🙂

    Perhaps Baxter needs a litttle piece or large piece of leather to chew on!


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