Leaping For Joy

Yesterday afternoon, the winners of the Inklingo Love the Lines contest were announced in this post on the All About Inklingo blog. Imagine how excited I was to find out I was one of the three runners-up! There are some beautiful designs shown on the announcement post, so I’m quite honoured. I already felt that I had won something as the contest had been the push I needed to finally learn my way around in EQ, at least to some extent.

Given my love of curved piecing, my design had to include curves. While I was playing with designs for the contest, Mr. Q.O. suggested a design inspired by a Persian carpet. Thus my design is named Persian Carpet. I am so glad I finally took the plunge and started to learn EQ and I’m very, very grateful to InklingoElectric Quilt and Northcott for providing such fabulous prizes!

Baxter’s markings are starting to really show up, although he had just been having a drink and his fur was still rather wet.

21 thoughts on “Leaping For Joy

    How impressive your design is!!!! I went on over and read the Inklingo blog and WOW! Congratulations on your wonderful design. EQ is an awesome tool. Perhaps you will be featuring your design soon.



  2. Super duper congratulations. What a great opportunity this turned out to be. As if learning EQ wasn’t enough… and really it was. Fantastic, Cathi. Just totally fantastic.


  3. Cathi, knowing your love of curved piecing, I could definitely have picked your design out of the crowd LOL! It is gorgeous, and truly my favorite.

    I see drinking water is still a full-contact experience for Baxter. ;-p



  4. What exciting news!!!! Congratulations…it is well deserved! I love this design and Mr Q.O.’s name is appropo.

    Baxter is so beautiful! Cracks me up that he gets so wet when he has a drink.


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