9 thoughts on “Happy LEAP Year

  1. Baxter! Do you really want to eat a frog? Lol…we had a cat when I was growing up that was ever so wild and she used to hunt anything that leaped! You could see her anytime in the garden and yard leaping through the air after grasshoppers even. She loved stalking and jumping out at frogs! Must be great sport! Lol. Anyhoo, Happy Leap Year and oh yeah…nope, not aged in 3 years, rofl!



  2. I love the Bearded Bat-Cat pose!
    Frogs? Did you make some of them or you just an avid collector? We have live ones that I could send to you. In the summer there are tiny ones that climb on the outside of the house and stick to the windows looking in due to the lights.


  3. Love your frogs and Baxter’s “look” is so darned cute! Happy Leap Year. I’ve enjoyed seeing a few stories on the morning show here today of older people who were born on Leap YEar.


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