Feathered Star Beginning

The second-to-last Feathered Star is almost done. Once all the HSTs, diamonds and squares are joined it takes almost no time to add the kites, the centre and the outer setting pieces. There are tons of opportunities for continuous stitching. I’m getting excited about seeing the centre of the quilt together. Two of the rows are already joined. Once the centre is together I’ll add the first small border and then will be working on the pieced border.

Yes, I know, looking at a piece of muslin isn’t exciting. I needed more of the muslin for the sailboat quilt and I’ve found a great way to iron muslin. After it’s washed, I roll it up, put it in a bag and then put it in the fridge while it’s still slightly damp, and then leave it there overnight or even a couple of days before ironing it. Wrinkle-free muslin with very little effort.

Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “Baxter and Buddy.” He’s rarely far from Cappy, his favourite toy, and almost always knows where to find it. That is, of course, if he hasn’t shoved it under a piece of furniture and needs us to find it for him.

9 thoughts on “Feathered Star Beginning

  1. Those feathered stars look good. Thanks for the tip for ironing muslin. It brings back memories of my Dad and his shirts which he used to wad up in a bag and place in the fridge before he ironed them REALLY early Sunday morning! I sort had forgotten about that…lol. I love the lounging, drunk with sleep Baxter picture.


  2. That is how we always did our ironing before permanent press!! Funny I was just reminiscing with a friend about this!! Can’t tell you how many of my Dad’s shirts I ironed. Don’t tell, but I still LOVE to iron!


  3. I’ll have to try this fridge idea, what I think is the main thought behind this idea really is trying to hide fabric from the meow chewing machine. But once he finds out where the fabric is hiding, then he’ll try prying open the refrigerator to get at it and then there’s the next problem…and the yogurt will be long gone!


  4. How on earth did you figure that out?!?! NEver would have guessed on that tip! ~
    I need to buy some muslin next time I find it at a good deal. One of those things I just don’t think about. I love this block! What a pretty quilt this will be.


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