Auditioning Fabrics

That’s what I was doing yesterday – auditioning fabrics for the Pickled Ladies edges as the Pickled Ladies centre is almost together now. It will be larger than it appears in this photo as I decided to add more rows … Continue reading

A Few More Pickled Ladies

While working on the pieced border, I decided that more of the ladies needed to join the party. A few minutes of fussy cutting/printing and I had all I needed for the extra Pickled Ladies. First up is this pair. … Continue reading

Getting Back to the Pickled Ladies

Since the red and white quilt top was finished, I’ve felt almost lost and just flitted from project to project but nothing really captured my interest. That changed last night. I decided that Pickled Ladies is the next project up … Continue reading

Some Shabby Piecing

… is definitely in my future. Remember the Joseph’s Coat shabby chic project? It feels like forever since I’ve worked with my favourite shabby chic fabrics, so once the red and white top is done it will be the shabby … Continue reading

Yet Another Pickled Lady

A new Pickled Lady is ready to join the bevy of beauties. When I started putting the original Pickled Ladies together, I realized I wanted it to finish larger. So more florals were fussy cut/printed and more of the blocks have been and are being made as well as the partial blocks to square it up.

While I am still working on the red and white Feathered Star/Sunflower quilt, the Pickled Ladies are going to get equal time. As will Scrappy Star. In fact, Scrappy Star may need only a couple more evenings of work until it’s finished. So I may have three tops finished in relatively quick succession.

Pressing of the latest Pickled Lady took only a second and grading the seams took not much longer. This one is now ready to add to the group.

Baxter has completely taken over the blue and white quilt on the couch. I don’t think he could get more relaxed!

A Trio of Pickled Ladies

The first of the next three that are joining the group. Every time I finish one, I think it’s my favourite and then I make the next and think it is and then … well, you get the picture.

The second of the trio.

And the third.

Another 15 to go and they will all be done and ready to add to the others. Then I’ll start with the half Pickled Ladies that will go along the edges and then the border(s). I’m still undecided about how many borders it’s going to have.

Baxter likes to “hide” beneath things. When he’s found, his eyes get so big!