Black and White

So far, so good. I’m sticking to my plan and working on one of the elements for the Pickled Ladies borders. I’m anxious to get the Pickled Ladies top finished. These NYB blocks are very fast to piece so I’m hoping to get them done quickly.

A few more of the pieced arcs for the setting pieces of the Pickled Ladies were finished as well.

Looks like Baxter has dreams of driving a sports car.

On the top perch again. With a kitty toy. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “Don’t drop that mouse!”

7 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. You know I have a certain affinity for Black and Whites, so I am totally loving this one!! I am not so sure that it is Baxter that wants that sports car, you might want to ask Mr. QO!


  2. Those black and white NYB blocks are stunning!! so simple, yet so graphic! Can’t wait to see all the elements put together!! Your blog is always a great start to my day!


  3. I think black and white makes such a statement in most quilts. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Kathy, I’ve been meaning to ask you…what size and kind of needles do you use? Also, did I remember correctly…do you change needles after each block that you piece?

    Hello, Baxter. I’d love to know what keeps you so interested up there on your perch.


  4. The black and white will be wonderful on that quilt!
    Baxter is gearing up for Nascar, no doubt, or is it the Indianapolis 500 route? As soon as he has his own sports car, he’ll start thinking RACE car!


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