More Mauve and Pink Kaleidoscope Stars

While I was making the butterfly and wild floral kaleidoscope stars, I had to make a few more of the little mauve and pink kaleidoscope stars. It’s impossible to make only one. Or two. Each seam is only 1.25″, so … Continue reading

More Butterfly Kaleidoscope Stars

The butterfly fabric was another one that was meant for kaleidoscope stars. And I couldn’t resist making a few last weekend. First one. Then another. I couldn’t stop. That ah-hah moment as each one is finished is impossible to resist. Each … Continue reading

Final Progress Report on Summer Picnic Dish

Why is this the final progress report? Because these are all that’s left to add to the Summer Picnic Dish. Five setting pieces and that’s it! It will be done before tonight’s baseball game is finished. And the Summer Picnic … Continue reading

Mauve and Pink Kaleidoscope Stars

When I was looking at possible setting fabrics for the various kaleidoscope star projects, I found a very pale yellow fabric. Then I put a few of the mauve and pink kaleidoscope stars on it. And I’m sold. It’s the … Continue reading