A Tiffany Lamp Block

It felt like an awfully long time since a Tiffany Lamp block had been added to the New York Beauty blocks and curved piecing with spiky bits seemed very appealing last night, so I decided to stitch this one. Which … Continue reading

Another Monet Block

I couldn’t resist and so made another of the Monet New York Beauty blocks on the weekend. This one definitely goes in the Monet group. Seams graded and block pressed. These are such fun blocks to put together – lots … Continue reading

Some New York Beauties To Be

After seeing the New York Beauty blocks made so far up on the design wall on the weekend, I’m super motivated to get some more done and add them to the mix. So last night I started choosing the pieces … Continue reading

New York Beauties

Over the past few weeks, I’ve made four more of the Monet and Tiffany Lamp New York Beauty blocks. There are still many to be made and more printing of the shapes on to fabric to be done. There’s not … Continue reading

Tiffany and Monet Blocks

While I had the temporary design wall up on the weekend, I decided to see how the Tiffany Lamp blocks looked. Clearly I need to make more, probably another 7 of them. I was surprised that there are so few … Continue reading

Some Monet Blocks in Progress

Over the past week or so, I’ve been picking out the shapes for a few more of the Monet blocks and have started putting them together. This may be one block. This may be another. Why may? Because I’m thinking … Continue reading