A Tiffany Lamp Block


It felt like an awfully long time since a Tiffany Lamp block had been added to the New York Beauty blocks and curved piecing with spiky bits seemed very appealing last night, so I decided to stitch this one.


Which is now added to the stack of Tiffany Lamp and Monet blocks. I know I need at least 15 or 20 more blocks before I can start playing with layouts for the first of the series of quilts. I may just put everything else on the back burner once the little bed runner for the doll bed is done and work on the NYB blocks for a week or so and see how many I can get finished.

LESSON 10wtmk

Baxter was instructing other quilters’ cats on how to measure finished blocks.


Yesterday afternoon, he was on the windowsill watching for activity out on the roof garden.

9 thoughts on “A Tiffany Lamp Block

  1. This is just a stunning block. The look is lovely. That Baxter is also stunning in a feline sort of way isn’t he? My sixteen year old tabby Jasper might give a growl of jealousy if he were to see this guy. 🙂


  2. Those NYB blocks are so vibrant and glowing, aren’t they? Good one, Baxter…..it’s most important to measure, as you know! There won’t be much to see on the roof garden for a while now, I suspect.


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