Project for 2013


For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been busy printing shapes on fabrics and cutting the shapes out and now I have a new PIB – the two-colour quilt for 2013, an orange and white one. But it requires a larger box – not everything is in this box, although everything is printed and cut out, and I can’t get one more tiny piece of fabric in there. I may send Mr. Q.O. on a hunt to the dollar stores for a larger box for this project. I have the fabric set aside for the binding and the label for it is already planned.

I love the look of two-colour quilts and have at least one more planned after this one. But I’ve learned that I get bored working with just two fabrics, so know this orange and white one is going to take many months as I won’t be able to work on it exclusively for any length of time. Don’t expect to see much of this one on my blog for some time, but it will get done sometime in 2013.

So far I have only 2 new quilts planned for 2013 – the orange and white one and a grey, pink and white one. The grey, pink and white one will be the Baxter quilt. I’ve got the quilt designed and know exactly what I need to make it. Assuming I can find the perfect grey and pink batiks, it will get started sometime in 2013. Of course, I’ll get distracted along the way and start other projects (and hopefully get more than a few finished).

LESSON 11wtmk

Baxter has his very own pen pal – they were exchanging kitty-mails yesterday. One of the topics of conversation was paw pressing. So Baxter donned his instructor sweater and gave a class on the finer points of helping quilters by doing a little paw pressing.


I love this photo of him. He poses so willingly for photos.

9 thoughts on “Project for 2013

  1. I hope Mr QO is successful on the hunt for a bigger box. You know, I’m not really an orange girl, but I really like that burnt orange.
    Great toon and pic again today. He’s such a handsome fellow. I’m sure he knows it too – don’t they always


  2. Orange is my favorite color, Cathi. Can’t wait to see your new project in progress! BTW, I ended up going for the one inch hexagon. I’m interested in the partial pieces and they’re even smaller, so that’s good!


  3. Did you see the post I sent to Inklingo about the Christmas tree boxes that Ikea had? When I saw them I thought immediately of you…but they might not be available anymore. Think there were 3 in a set, really cute and they looked like gingerbread trees.


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