More 2013 Projects


One of the PIBs that I am determined to finish in 2013 is the Drunkard’s Path quilt made with the 2″ units. With that in mind, I stitched another 39 of them and now am down to needing only 154 more to have the 832 needed. At this point I’m thinking I may just stay with the original size and not make my quilt larger but that decision will be made when I finally am at the point the 832 are finished.


The Harlequin Pastel quilt being made with the 4.5″ Winding Ways blocks will also be fairly high up on the list of projects I want to finish. I love stitching these blocks. The curve is so gentle that it’s a very quick stitch.


Thanks to the stitching and pressing instructions in the Inklingo Winding Ways Design Book, which is free with the purchase of any of the Inklingo Winding Ways collections, the blocks are quick to press and there’s no “volcano” effect in the centre.

As 2012 has seen precious few finishes on my part, I’m going to take some time next week to try to prioritize the many, many UFOs and PIBs around here. And see if I can figure out a way to set priorities and stick to them.


Baxter watching out the window, maybe anticipating what Santa Claws might be bringing for him.


While he really is lounging in a kitty bed, with his toys very close at hand.

10 thoughts on “More 2013 Projects

  1. Baxter is adorable! I have just found your blog from the Inklingo group, I really like the 1930’s Drunkards path design, I am new to inklingo, do you aways print out all the pieces you need at the start of a project or as you go?


  2. I’ve no idea how you could have “more” finished projects…you are so prolific and
    diversified…always producing such exciting new designs! Can hardly wait to see
    what your design wall looks like in 2013! Hmmm, Santa Claws is watching Baxter…
    so mind your manners…no fabric snatching! 😉


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