Some New York Beauties To Be

After seeing the New York Beauty blocks made so far up on the design wall on the weekend, I’m super motivated to get some more done and add them to the mix. So last night I started choosing the pieces for more Monet, Tiffany Lamp and other New York Beauty blocks.

This one will end up in the Tiffany Lamp group, I think.

While this one is definitely for the Monet set.

This one I’m not sure about. Perhaps the third or fourth set, or perhaps it will fit with the Tiffany Lamp group.

Definitely another Monet one.

Yet another Monet one.

This one is definitely in the Tiffany Lamp group.

A Monet NYB block for sure.

This one is for the Tiffany Lamp group.

Last night we were glued to the television watching/listening to the interviews with the Blue Jays’ general manager and the new manager. I’m so excited about our team and wish baseball season was starting next week! While we were listening though, I was putting the groups of shapes together for the eight NYB blocks. There are many more shapes printed on fabric and cut out, ready to be stitched into yet more of the blocks.

Today on Blogathon Canada, the host blogs are Apple Pie Patchwork from Alberta and Retired to Quilt from Saskatchewan. On Saturday I’m one of the host blogs for Ontario, so I will be blogging on Saturday with a great giveaway sponsored by Sew Sisters. The giveaway will be open to everyone, no matter where you’re from. Sunday morning, Baxter will choose and announce the winner of the giveaway.

All that news and excitement about the Blue Jays was also on Kat-TV, where Baxter was last night’s sportscaster.

Then it was time for some rest and relaxation on “his” quilt with his bear buddies.

6 thoughts on “Some New York Beauties To Be

  1. Is there any chance we could get Direct TV to carry the Kat Channel? I think I might even follow sports if Baxter were reporting. And you’re such an inspiration to get something done for a change.


  2. Just what I needed – more colour ideas! I’m so inspired by colour and you use it so well; I can’t decide which combination I like best, even! Thanks for the photos, though, really! ~ Linne


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