Two More Monet Blocks

This one is definitely for the Monet NYB group of blocks. I love the little touch of pink in this block.

When I grade the seams on blocks that contain metallics and batiks, I tend to grade the metallic fabric as it is quite a bit thicker than the batiks.

This one is also destined for the Monet NYB group of blocks.

Block pressed and seams graded.

There are now 35 of the 6″ New York Beauty blocks done. I think once I’ve got 42 finished blocks I’ll start playing with possible settings. I may end up using both the Tiffany Lamp and Monet blocks together.

The red-bellied woodpecker is still here, as are some robins. With all the leaves gone from the trees out on the roof garden, we have a fabulous view of the woodpecker when he’s on the tree. I couldn’t grab the camera fast enough to get a picture, so found this one on Wikipedia that was free for use. I think its markings are very striking – the red head and the black and white stripes.

We’ve been watching Treme, which inspired today’s Baxtertoon. Seems he plays the saxophone and has his own little band, Baxter’s Cool Cats Combo.

After all that, he needed a nap with Raggedy Ann.

13 thoughts on “Two More Monet Blocks

  1. I just saw this woodpecker yesterday at the feeder – it is the time of year that I have to make sure to start filling the feeders all the time and have lots of birds to see out the sewing room window.
    love the blocks


  2. I love the Monet block, the touch of pink is just right. I’ve had more sightings of the red-bellied woodpecker this year than usual – here in central New York State – at the feeders, I usually only see them in the trees. Wonder what that means?? LOL


  3. So gorgeous! I love Money (and Tiffany lamps) and it’s more than tempting to see these blocks . . . I have some lovely batik FQs that would be perfect for these. Maybe once I have made some of my planned projects and saved a pile of scraps . . .


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