Playing With Inklingo Shapes

90-degree hexagons

When I was printing the 1″ Inklingo 90-degree hexagons on fabrics for my Patchwork of the Crosses blocks, I printed more than I needed. That’s something I tend to do on purpose, as sometimes I get an idea and just want to play. Having the shapes already printed and cut out makes it easy to just grab a few and start stitching. This box has the extra 90-degree hexagons as well as some other shapes.

1-inch squares

Another thing I like to do is to print extras of the 1″ squares whenever I print them for something specific. This box is crammed full. I’ve already made a stack of little 4-patch blocks from this box, although I have yet to figure out what I’m doing with them.

90-degree 1″ Inklingo hexagons

I’d been thinking about doing this with the extra hexagons for a while so last night I grabbed a few of the hexagons and a few of the 1″ squares and started putting this together. It may end up as nothing larger than a doll quilt, but it’s fun and easy stitching.

90-degree hexagon back, pressed and seams graded

I’m grading the seams as I go and, because I finger press as I’m stitching, pressing it takes only a few seconds.

China Plates

A 26″ wall quilt top was made using the 1.5″ 90-degree hexagons that I’ve called China Plates. All that’s left now is to quilt it. I have the batting cut, the backing’s ready and has been for some time.

2″ Drunkard’s Path blocks

I wanted to get an idea of how long it’s going to take to finish making the little 2″ Drunkard’s Path blocks so I kept track of how long it took to get these blocks done. It was close to two hours to stitch the 18 little blocks. Now I only have 193 left to make. With any luck, I can get the 93 done so that it’s down to 100 sometime in the next week. I’m still playing with the idea of making this slightly larger than the original quilt but won’t make that decision until I get the 832 finished.

Baxtertoon, “How to Help Your Human, Lesson 5”

In the latest “How To Help Your Human” ‘toon, Baxter is giving a lesson on examining quilt blocks with a critical eye.

Baxter November 28, 2012

We’ve had this Cosmic Catnip Alpine Scratcher for years. Every cat we’ve had has loved this thing. As beat up as it is, it’s Baxter’s favourite too and he’ll often sleep with his head on it. Looks dreadfully uncomfortable to us, but no matter where we put this he goes looking for it. I tried moving it out of the living room, thinking that it was time to toss it, but he was looking for it. We’ve looked and it doesn’t appear these are for sale any longer so, no matter how decrepit it looks, it stays.

10 thoughts on “Playing With Inklingo Shapes

  1. Dang, sorry to read you don’t have those scratchers up your way. They’re here in the States and in the house. It would be cool if some could pick one up and mail your way! I know how they love those. I think it helps with Lesson Planning, too. You know, thinking and all… China Plates über cool as well as little blocks. Keep going. Go big!


  2. Cathi, I googled the scratcher; you can order one online through Amazon and a bunch of other places.
    Your China plates are adorable, and the Drunkard’s Path blocks look so tiny. 832? Not in my lifetime. 🙂


  3. No doubt about you…….there is always a new project on the go! Baxter’s toons are very entertaining. I think those scratchers may be available here, must see if our cats would like one.


  4. I have extra’s printed out as well from my POTC quilt. I printed too many of some of the colors and then decided they didn’t go well or something – I will need to decide also what to do with the extras – that is a good idea you have. I don’t have any extra colors printed though right now of the squares just have the aqua colors I am using for the POTC


  5. Your small block pieces are incredible. Love em! Baxter liking that scratching block is good to know. You see, I’m a Grandmama to two beautiful Grandkitties and wanted to get them a combined gift. Now I know what that gift will be. They wont be coming here to get into my fabrics…my 16yr old cat Jasper does enough of that alone!
    🙂 Smiles from Oshawa Ont.


  6. Baxter looks like he is really kicking back and relaxing on his scratcher. Like someone else mentioned, they are available via Amazon. If you are not too far from the US line, perhaps you could pick one up at a PetSmart store. One word of warning: when I *exchanged* Missy’s scratcher with a new one she totally ignored it! Guess the “smell” was different.
    Your Inklingo parts are so pretty. Isn’t it fun to lay them out and try new block ideas?! You always come up with such beautiful things.


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