Strips of Hexagons


Since this was last seen, I have pressed the remaining strips of hexagons — again. Why again? I had pressed them as I finished each long strip but, because of the way I had them stored, there were unwanted creases. But now I’ve found the perfect way to store the pieced strips.


Now they’re clipped together with a bulldog clip and hung on a nail in the closet, out of kitty reach. This way, when I want to add another row to the quilt top, I just take one from the group and add it. Until I got this idea, the strips were folded and stacked and ended up getting some crease lines.

LESSON # 6wtmk

Baxter’s giving instructions again in the How to Help Your Human class, this time on planning projects.

Sounds like we’re going to get our first snow of the year that actually stays today. That’s if the forecast is right. I’m hoping this is one of the many, many times they’re wrong and the snow stays away until at least January.


I wonder if Baxter will be in his kitty tree watching the snowflakes go by. He was draped over the sides of the kitty tree again last night.

6 thoughts on “Strips of Hexagons

  1. I can just see Baxter figuring out how to get to those strips and oh what fun he would have running around dragging them all over the place and you would find them draped over his kitty tree in the morning!
    Amen to no snow! We will be in the 50’s and 60’s all this coming week! 🙂


  2. That’s a good idea, some people also use clip hangers intended to hang skirts. You can send me your snow, it would be very welcome – today’s forecast here is for 40 deg C! Nasty. Baxter, you would have fun catching snowflakes, wouldn’t you?


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