More Tiny Blocks

2.5" LeMoyne Stars

2.5″ LeMoyne Stars

Four more tiny 2.5″ LeMoyne Star blocks, that is. They are so quick to stitch that I just can’t resist. It takes one load of stitches on the needle and the little seams are done, which makes putting these tiny stars together very fast.

Back of 2.5" LeMoyne Star

Back of 2.5″ LeMoyne Star

Seams graded and little blocks are pressed.


And this is another PIB (project in a box), although there’s not much left to do  now. This little box has the thread colours that will work for the remaining little stars. There are four little brown stars that are done other than having the tris and squares added to finish them, so all that’s left now are some more red ones. Once the last of them are done I’ll be able to put together the doll bed runner and get it quilted.

LESSON # 7wtmk

Baxter’s back in instructor mode. This time he’s giving pointers on arranging blocks.


Of course he had to be part of the photo of the little stars. It took quite a few minutes before he decided to move on to something else.

12 thoughts on “More Tiny Blocks

  1. love those little blocks, they are so addictive aren’t they. I love how Baxter is so very thoughtful in helping his fellow felines to help their humans. Maybe he could enroll my 4?


  2. What sort of eye-glass prescription are you wearing to see doing these? 🙂
    These are wonderful and I am so impressed. The small box idea is a super one for organizing. Great ideas.


  3. I’m so glad Baxter is in the shot, because you can really get a sense of the unbelievably small size of the blocks — they are amazing.

    Mr. Q.O.’s latest Baxter series is the best. Elvis just wants to lie down on top of whatever I am working on — he could definitely use some tips.


  4. It must be a hoot to live with Baxter. He’s always in the thick of things, eh?!
    Darling little blocks. What collection did you use for the diamonds? I made about a bazillion little stars from one-inch diamonds but haven’t put them together. So many projects; so little time. *g*


  5. Those are adorable little blocks. I would love to try that. Did you just take a regular pattern and cut it down? A 2.5 inch square becomes a 1.25? no…that would still be too big. A 1.25 inch square becomes a .75?


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