More Tiny Blocks

Eight more of the 2″ Drunkard’s Path units are done. Of the 832 needed, only 211 are left to be made. They are so fast to stitch that 211 really shouldn’t take more than a week to finish off — if I were to just stitch these for a week. It would be nice to have these finished, so I may just try to concentrate on them for a few nights.

As I finish each little block, I immediately grade the one seam and then press them.

Two more of the 2.5″ LeMoyne Star blocks are done. That’s the end of the pink ones for the doll bed runner. Now I just have to make a few more each of blue, red and brown ones. Then the little bed runner can be put together.

I’m grading the seams as I go. With tiny blocks like these, it really helps to reduce the bulk.

In the latest “How to Help Your Human” lesson, Baxter was explaining the necessity of studious planning.

Monday afternoon he was deep in thought on top of his cat tree.

11 thoughts on “More Tiny Blocks

  1. That block really shows the seam grading well. I think Baxter looks more like he’s planning his next move lol. Love your blog posts and your tiny blocks!


  2. Those tiny blocks are amazing! I can’t imagine making so many. Actually, I guess I can’t imagine cutting them out – that’s the part I like the least. Can’t wait to see them all together! Love to Baxter.


  3. Well… are three-quarters done with your little Drunkard’s Path blocks, aren’t you! I can see through the window that the trees in the roof garden are bare now. Baxter, I’m sure your human appreciates your help!


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