Very Little To Show

There were some fabulous comments on Wednesday’s post – thank you to everyone as I have had lots to think about and flowers to look up on the Internet! I am behind in answering comments, but will get caught up … Continue reading

Tour of the Garden

I had to make some decisions about what other flowers to include in the Garden Gone Wild quilt. To do that, I needed to have a good look at what has bloomed already. So I went on a tour of … Continue reading

Petunia Ribbon Flower

Sewing the petunia flower was very fast. In fact, it was the quickest I’ve put together a ribbon flower yet, so the sewing sequence I identified with the last one does make a difference for me. I’ll do a post … Continue reading

A New Flower for the Garden – Perhaps a Clematis? Correction – it’s Impatiens!

The latest ribbon flower was started on Tuesday and this time I’ve tried to keep track of how long it took to sew one. I got these segments pieced in about six hours. In the process, I think I’ve discovered … Continue reading

Shaggy Orange Coneflower

I fell in love with the idea of the shaggy orange coneflower for my Gardens Gone Wild quilt when I first saw a picture of it on Wanda’s blog. And now finally it’s done. There is one batik in this … Continue reading

Sorbet Peony Ribbon Flower

This one is my very favourite ribbon flower so far. It’s a peony which is definitely my very favourite flower, and a variety of peony that’s new to me – a sorbet peony. It’s pink, which is, of course, my … Continue reading

Nightfire Hibiscus Ribbon Flower

My version of a nightfire hibiscus is now done. I’ve graded the seams as well and pressed it. But I haven’t added a background fabric as I’m now pretty convinced that I will be making an exotic garden ribbon flower … Continue reading

The Delphinium – now Cornflower Ribbon Flower

There were times when I thought I’d never finish this flower as one of the batiks in it was really, really difficult to needle. It made me very glad that the Roxanne needles come in a tube of 50 as … Continue reading