Little Drunkard’s Path Blocks Getting Joined

The two boxes were finally full of the completed blocks late last week. When I was counting them to make sure I had enough, I was really surprised at the amount of yellow in the blocks. At least 50 per cent, if not more, of the blocks have yellow in them.

I am joining them by hand. I know it would be much faster by machine, but I’m enjoying sewing them together and can substitute blocks easily if I see that a block is too close to another block with the same fabric. And, truth be told, the disaster zone of my sewing area makes the idea of sewing long rows together very unappealing.

This section shows the back of a number of blocks for which I had traced the templates before the Inklingo 2″ Drunkard’s Path collection was released. The block at the bottom right is one of the many that were printed once the collection was released. Tracing the templates had lost its appeal long before I got anywhere near half of the over 1,050 2″ blocks that I needed to trace. That collection saved this from becoming a UFO forever.

One of the things I did while I wasn’t blogging was get all the quilt tops waiting to be quilted organized and on hangers.There are a few tops there as well that are just waiting for a border or two. Most of the tops are likely to be machine quilted when I get my sewing area sorted out. A few of them will be quilted by hand. I think I may need to find a new thimble for that purpose as the thimbles I previously used are now too big and won’t stay on my finger.

Baxter was enjoying some time watching the birds out on the roof garden yesterday.

7 thoughts on “Little Drunkard’s Path Blocks Getting Joined

  1. Those fabrics are just so happy! Love the pattern and how it’s looking!

    Wow! I use to have all of my tops hanging up. I need to do that again one day. They are so beautiful!


    • ‘30s fabrics are happy, aren’t they? And they’re perfect for the miniatures I so seem to love! But I cannot get over just how much yellow I used.

      Having the tops all in one place is hopefully going to keep me motivated to get them finished.



  2. Thimbles. Love ’em or hate ’em. If it fits one day, it doesn’t the next, or my nails are too long. I did discover something a couple of years ago. I now keep a roll of paper tape (3M brand most likely) and wrap several layers around my finger and stitch away. If it gets wet or dirty, or otherwise unappealing, it goes in the trash and I wrap my finger again. Always fits.

    And your quilt collection! Oh! my! I’m drooling.

    Are you getting any of the smoke from our fires? It is so dry here.


    • I have some of that paper tape! I’m going to try that with my favourite thimble that’s now too big and see if it works! Thanks for the tip.

      If all those quilt tops were quilted, I’d be so happy. As it is, I’m a little concerned about the number and size of the ones I want to hand quilt!

      We were getting smoke from the fires in northern Ontario earlier this week but right now we’re not.



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