Rediscovered Projects

Other projects were found as the sewing area was moved. One is these very colourful 9-patch blocks on point. I love the look of these so don’t have any idea why I’ve let the project just sit for so long. However, now that I’ve got it out I’m hoping I finish at least one or two of the blocks every week. The 9-patch blocks are all done. All that’s left to do is add the triangles.

Then the various Silent Garden projects were unearthed, starting with the blue and brown Silent Garden project. I’m surprised at just how much I like these blocks, as I tend to avoid brown as much as I can.

The back after the seams were graded.

The Not So Silent Garden had a couple more blocks done as well. These blocks are so much fun to look at that I’m really surprised that I haven’t done more to get the blocks done and quilt top put together.

The back of a Not So Silent Garden block.

Finally, a couple of blocks for the Tranquil Garden project.

The back of one of the blocks. It’s hard to believe I had forgotten all about these three projects, but I had. When I start working on these projects again, I think I’ll try to work on just one at a time until it’s finished.

Baxter likes to spend time on the roof of the penthouse of his kitty tree.

4 thoughts on “Rediscovered Projects

  1. Baxter in the moonlight? Very nice.

    I remember the ‘Garden’ blocks. And I think I remember what got in the way. Life does that sometimes, doesn’t it?



    • I was having fun with my phone’s camera special effects. That photo of Baxter was actually taken during the day.

      I have way too many projects on the go! I’ve got to try to stick to just one. I think. Maybe.




  2. Who knows how many forgotten projects I have?! Lol

    My sewing room is still not set up. Purchased a 12X 24 building with metal roof and dooors and lots of windows, just for my sewing room. It has two lofts for storage. However, I have to have it finished inside with electric and all. Ugh…do one thing and have to do ten more. Lol

    Love these blocks! So beautiful.


    • How exciting it will be when you get your sewing room set up and discover all those projects!! I think I’d be tempted to take a picture of each box as you open it and catalogue them as you go! It would be like opening presents at Christmas! 😉



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