Colourful Clamshells

This was one of the projects I unearthed during the relocation of my sewing area. The block was made with the Inklingo 3″ clamshells and clamshell sashing collections.

A second block was done, but it has no sashing.

A third block was done as well.

I also found two more sets of clamshells for the fourth and fifth blocks. Once they’re done along with sashing this will turn into a small table topper.

The blocks are all nicely pressed, but the seams aren’t graded – yet. I’ll do that before I start sewing blocks 4 and 5.

I’m still trying to sort out a design wall – oh, how I wish I’d got that done as part of the sewing area rearranging as it would have made taking these photos a lot easier!

When we first got his new kitty tree, Baxter never went in the top cubicle. We could get him to come in it for a minute with a toy but he wouldn’t stay there. Lately, though, he has been spending lots of time in what we now think of as the penthouse.

“Mouse Canapés & Catnip Wine”

6 thoughts on “Colourful Clamshells

    • Interesting how we all see things differently – I just looked at the pictures and I can’t see faces in them. Baxter gets a little tired of me constantly trying to take his picture, I think.




  1. Look at those beautiful fabrics !
    Love how this is looking.

    I made a design wall with a sheet of the styrofoam from Lowe’s and put quilt batting around it and nailed to the wall. You could take any small styrofoam or something and make a portable one, not so big.


    • I made so many masks using Kaffe fabrics that I now want to make a few quilts with them. My ideas book is getting too full!!

      I do have an idea using a frame from a picture and putting flannel on it with two-sided tape. I’m going to try to find some double-sided tape this weekend.



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