Red and White Trimmings

This is the pile after grading the seams on two of the red and white Feathered Star/Sunflower blocks. Two blocks left to go and then I can start putting the top together. It will probably take less time to stitch the blocks together than it has to grade the seams. If nothing else, this may be the final time I need to learn the lesson to grade seams as I make the blocks but it is worth the effort as the difference in weight is noticeable and the quilt will drape quite nicely. I put a nickel beside the pile of trimmings just to give it some perspective.

When I needed a break from the grading, I went looking in my stash for another candidate for kaleidoscope stars. This fabric has a relatively small repeat which would mean little fabric waste, but I have a feeling the stars would all end up looking alike. So back it goes to the stash to be used in something else.

Baxter had a very busy day on Tuesday. Kitty TV has started – a squirrel was seen out on the roof garden. So last night he was relaxing in “his” chair.

Sunflower Centres

The last two centres for the red and white Feathered Star/Sunflower blocks are done. Now it’s a matter of finishing the Feathered Star blocks themselves, adding them to those already done and starting on the borders.

I’m grading the seams as I go and have learned it’s a lot easier to grade the centre sunflower before it’s in the centre of a 20″ block. I wait until after pressing before grading the seams. Then it’s a quick press again and they’re done.

It snowed a fair bit last night but today it’s supposed to be quite mild again, so I suppose it will all be melted by noon. Last night was the first time this winter I would have possibly gone looking for boots had I been going out.

Baxter in what seems to be a chair meant for kitties. The cat I had as a little girl loved this chair, and so has every cat I’ve had since then. It seems to be just the right shape for them. It’s actually a very comfortable chair in which to sit but, as it’s usually occupied by a cat, we don’t seem to get the chance!