What’s in the Jar?


Clippings from grading the seams of the 30 Patchwork of the Crosses blocks. Never ever again do I leave grading the seams until the end!  It took most of the weekend to get this done.There will be more to add to the jar as I will be grading the seams as I join the blocks and add the setting pieces.

Then I figured out exactly what shapes I still need to print. I have a couple of fabrics that I’m going to audition for the 2″ squares that will be the connecting pieces between blocks.


What I still need to print included more of the cream hexagons. I decided to change the orientation of the stripe in the hexagon. This way I won’t run into a solid line of the painted-on stripe on a stitching line, which has made stitching the cream hexagons a bit difficult. The difference is pretty obvious but I’ve decided it will just add a little quirky charm to the quilt. Some day if my quilt is passed on and people are looking at it, I wonder what they’ll think. Somehow I don’t think they’ll realize it was a choice I made in an effort to avoid that painted-on stripe.


“Fireflies.” Baxter’s collecting things in a jar too, it seems.


Baxter was relaxing on “his” quilt on the weekend. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “Oh, I was just about to put on the Kitty TV channel!”

5 thoughts on “What’s in the Jar?

  1. You could put a message on the quilt label saying you meant to switch the fabric around, LOL! My cats catch fireflies in their mouths, not jars! Perhaps Baxter and his friends are collecting a feast!


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