More Patchwork of the Crosses

There is going to be a slight delay in making more sunflowers. Why? Because I am determined to finish up my POTC quilt top. To that end, I’ve been adding the cream hexagons to the final six blocks that still didn’t have the frames added.


First the glorious orange one.


Then a floral and green one.


A blue one.


And a multi-colour one.

I know why I’ve delayed so, so long finishing these up and it’s all about the cream fabric. I love the faint stripe effect the fabric has, using the wrong side of it. That was exactly the look I was going for. What I didn’t want was a fabric that has lines that are painted on pretty heavily which makes it not fun to stitch. Sometimes it feels like I’m trying to drive a toothpick through the fabric rather than a #12 sharp. Looking at the fabric, it didn’t look like it was going to be a problem. Lesson learned. Next time I’m looking for something like this tone-on-tone stripe, I’m taking a needle with me and trying it out.

As 24 of the blocks were already finished with their frames, it made the decision easy to go with a 30-block set. It will be a great lap quilt and will get loads of use. Now I have two blocks left that need the frames added and then it will be time to figure out the placement of the blocks and start sewing them together. I think it will be a lot of fun figuring out where each block will go in the quilt top and may get started on that process this weekend.

Alien Encounterwtmk

“Alien Encounter.”


Looks like Baxter was pretty tired out from his adventures, as he was curled up and sound asleep in his kitty bed for quite some time last night!

7 thoughts on “More Patchwork of the Crosses

  1. Cathi, the stripe in the cream fabric is so effective, it gives energy and calm at the same time. Your centers are so vibrant, love the color combinations, can’t wait to see them all together as you decide on the layout.


  2. Love your POTC blocks. Mine stalled at 3 blocks as I liked the fussy cut effect some were doing with their middles but I don’t have enough of that kind of fabric in my stash and also I fell out of love with the style of fabrics I started with. LOL…. love yours though with those batiks. Beautiful!


  3. I’ve had problems like that with some fabrics too. I’ve had to limit it to just two stitches on the needle. Certainly slows things down. The crosses are looking good though.
    Have been enjoying the toons of Baxter’s summer holiday. Good to see the aliens have finally come down to say hi


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