Patchwork of the Crosses

The flannel fabric was taped to the wall after dinner last night and I started playing with block placements. It was very damp – unbelievably humid  – it was so damp the air felt like it could have been wrung out here yesterday and the blocks did not want to stay up on the flannel. I think I picked the blocks up off the floor almost as many times as I moved them around. We had to take the picture quickly before they fell off again. Fortunately, I got the labels with row and block placement pinned on each of them before they started falling off.


And this is block placement I have decided on. When the picture was taken, two of the blocks still needed their little purple squares added. Those are now all done, so now the joining of blocks is about to begin.

My plan for the quilt changed. While I have 30 blocks done, the quilt is going to be composed of only 25 of them. Four of the remaining five are a bit too pale for the rest of them, so they will turn into a small quilt of their own. And the fifth will probably end up as the quilt label.

I’m using two colours for the connecting 2″ squares that are used where four blocks meet. All I need to do now is print the setting shapes on the purple batik and the two other fabrics that I’m going to use for the 2″ squares and start stitching the blocks together.

We had the most intense thunderstorms and torrential rain yesterday I’ve ever seen. There was an incredible amount of flooding in the city, shutting down the subways and commuter trains and turning many roads into rivers. The roof garden looked like a lake. They said we got more than 100 millimetres of rain in just a couple of hours.


Which is what inspired today’s ‘toon, “Rain, Rain Go Away.”


During the thunderstorm, Baxter was in his kitty tree. There was one clap of thunder that I think scared everyone but he didn’t move although his eyes were the size of saucers.

18 thoughts on “Patchwork of the Crosses

  1. Ooooohh!! Breathtaking!! I clicked on the photo to enlarge it and it is even more awesome up close! Fabulous work, Cathi! And it is good to know you are high and dry in the downpour.


  2. you are making progress so quickly on your POTC, what size hexagons did you say you were using- I can’t remember if they are the 1″ like mine or the 1 1/2″ — I need to get back to squaring mine up but I’m in no rush as I can’t quilt it now anyhow.


  3. Oh Cathi!!!!! Sooooooo yummy!!!! Would love to have some of that water here in Texas. Maybe Barb will bring some with her this month.


  4. Cathi, those colors are breathtaking! Love it! Ditto on wishing for some of your rain here in Texas. . . .Last night I started auditioning fabrics to start a POTC of my own. Craziness. But yours and Karen Goad’s are so pretty. . .


  5. Your quilt so nice! That one’s on my overflowing bucket list, too!
    I see even the rain won’t keep the aliens away!

    Cats always want you to think that nothing bothers them and they are in absolute control of their lives, all 9 of them!


  6. Gorgeous, stunning, beautiful… I could add more, but Baxter may get a swelled head! LOL…I meant the quilt layout.


  7. Really beautiful Cathi! I’m enjoying watching Baxter at the Lake this summer… so much fun.



  8. Love the quilt Cathi! I clicked for a closer peek! You always accomplish so much!

    We also had an intense storm yesterday…thunder, lightening, heavy rain and hail. I welcome the rain, but I want a gentle, warm summer shower, not the icy damaging stuff!


  9. Lovely! The top will be stunning…every block a bright jewel! Ugh, those muggy
    days are horrible! Storms/flooding are even worse…glad everyone stayed safe…
    and it didn’t disrupt precious naptime too much! ;-)))


  10. It looks beautiful!
    Your weather was crazy. I couldn’t believe the photos and video on the news. Seeing the Go train like that was insane!
    Glad you are safe and sound.



  11. Beautiful quilt! I wish we would get some of that rain here in the Dallas, Texas area. It’s getting dry around here but that’s August in Texas! We were in Toronto a couple of years ago and I can’t imagine the subway and trains shut down. That must make it impossible to get around. It’s a beautiful city and I’d like to visit again.


  12. Just realized that I put “August” instead of July. But August is just as dry as July here! By then we’re getting more than ready to leave town for cooler places and I’m ready for our Alaskan cruise in August. Guess I’m just speeding the calendar up. 😉


  13. Looks good. I like the purple joins.
    That does sound like alot of rain. This would be one time to be happy you live in a high rise.
    I’d be tempted to go swimming in the roof garden lake though 🙂


  14. Purple is the perfect color for this quilt. It really makes it “pop.” You’ll be done in no time with all the blocks organized. Sorry to hear about the torrents of rain you are having I hope you dry out soon.


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