The Start of a Finish

By the time New Year’s Eve rolled around, this box was empty and ready for a new project in a box. That box was empty because the final 150+  2″ Drunkard’s Path units were all stitched. But then this box … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Quilting Gallery

It’s Quilting Gallery’s 5th birthday! Help Quilting Gallery celebrate by taking part in the birthday celebration blog hop. There are over 150 bloggers participating, each with a giveaway just in time for Christmas! You can click on the logo above … Continue reading

A Big Distraction – Machine Piecing Adventures, Part III

Seems I couldn’t resist the new 2.25″ Inklingo hexagons either. Look at the difference in size between the 2.25″ and .375″ ones — talk about going from one extreme to the other. I’ve often thought I’d like to make a … Continue reading

Spool Blocks Quilt Top and Machine Piecing Adventures

The little top is finished. Finished size 27.5″ x 35″. A better picture will be taken out on the roof garden in the next day or two. This shot was taken late last night. The big news for me? That … Continue reading

Small and Tiny Blocks

First, the small. Pink and green log cabin blocks that finish at 5″, made with the .50″ Log Cabin collection. There are 12 done and enough printed for another 12 or 16, I think – it’s been so long since I’ve worked on these that I don’t quite remember. Some are hand pieced, some machine pieced. I’m thinking this may be the perfect stitching for out on the roof garden this summer and I’ll get this little quilt finished. This one is destined to be a wall hanging and one I know I’ll love as many of my favourite shabby chic fabrics are in along with some pink and green batiks.

The tiny. Tiny 2″ Drunkard’s Trail blocks made with the 2″ Drunkard’s Trail Inklingo collection. Four blocks are made and joined and three more have been added. I only need to make 9 more of these little blocks and join them to make the quilt I’ve got planned. Another one that just might be the perfect thing for roof garden stitching. I realized when I got that project box back out just how many shapes for it I had printed on fabric. I’ve got enough to make at least 4 or 5 small quilts. Perhaps one long thin table runner will be made once I make the 8″ x 10″ quilt I have planned. That will only take another 13 little blocks and should be something I can do quickly.

Both those projects came back to somewhere near the top of the list when I excavated my sewing table a couple of weeks ago. And both have stayed out to be worked on mostly because I know I can complete the two small quilts relatively quickly. So they are going to be worked on soon. I think it will give me a feeling of accomplishment to get a few small quilts done quickly. That sewing table excavation threw me a bit when I realized just how many projects I’ve got on the go. Some finishes are in order … and soon.

That said, I started working on the red and white Feathered Star/Sunflower quilt border again last night. I guess I just needed that break from it because now I can see that there really isn’t that much left to do. Perhaps 2 weeks of stitching or maybe 3 (because we all know I get distracted and want to play with other things) and I should have that top finished.

This is one of Baxter’s favourite poses.

Scrappy Star Top Finished — Maybe

Actually it was finished on the weekend but we couldn’t get a good photo of it until yesterday. On the weekend it was too rainy and the grass on the roof garden too wet. Monday it was too windy and the top would have flown off, never to be seen again. Yesterday it was still a bit breezy and rather chilly, but we managed to get a shot of it laid out on the grass of the roof garden. One of these days I’ve got to sort out a way to have a permanent design wall. This waiting for the weather to be just right is a pain! We were lucky to get this shot of it as the wind kept threatening to pick it up.

It’s a good thing it was finished on the weekend before the New York Beauty collection came out. Otherwise, it might have been a week or so longer before it was finished.

Why maybe in the title? Because as it is now it’s a small lap quilt, measuring about 50 x 58. Mr. Q.O. likes it just the way it is. I’m tempted to add one more plain border all around and make it about 60 x 68. But for all intents and purposes, the top is finished because even if I do decide to add that final plain border it won’t take longer than an afternoon.

Now to choose a binding. I’m thinking something very dark to frame it. I like to choose the binding at this stage and get it made and ready, along with the label.

It is hand pieced except the plain borders. They were stitched by machine. But when it came time to add the final pieced border, I stitched that on by hand.

I know how I want to quilt the large plain borders. But the rest of it? That I’m still working on. I’m tempted to just quilt in the ditch around the squares in each round of the star.

It was made with shapes from the free Inklingo collection, except for the cornerstones in the final border. For those, I needed a 2.25″ square in a square and used shapes from the 6.75″ Storm at Sea collection.

I worked on another of the pieced blocks for the red and white Feathered Star/Sunflower border last night, although I was terribly tempted to play with another New York Beauty block. That New York Beauty block is just way too much fun to make! My ideas list using it is growing practically by the hour.

The crab apple tree on the roof garden is starting to look very pink. I can’t wait for the blossoms to appear as it really is a beautiful sight and the scent is wonderful.

I had tossed my sweater over the loveseat. I know better. The minute a piece of clothing is tossed there, Baxter is immediately on it making sure it has its fair share of kitty fur.

Gifted Blocks and a Gift of Orchids

I’ve blogged about these blocks before that were given to me by a good friend, but now I feel I have enough experience with the sewing machine to set them together successfully. There are a stack of these blocks that will finish at 7.75″.

And a stack of these, which also finish at 7.75″. As well, I was given a lot of the fabric that was used to make them. I’m going to play with some setting ideas over the next few days. They were foundation pieced on muslin so it’s going to be a heavy quilt and one which I will have to figure out how to machine quilt.

Last night, Mr. Q.O. took the garbage down the hall and came back with a pot of orchids. One of our neighbours gave it to us. The instructions on its care seem rather odd to me. It says to water the plant by giving it 3 ice cubes once a week. Three ice cubes? I would have thought that would shock the poor plant. If any of you have grown orchids successfully and have some hints, please share. I’d love to keep this plant growing and hopefully flowering.

There are some buds on it that look very close to opening. I love the colour of the flowers. Such a wonderful pink, my favourite colour.

Baxter’s look says it all, “An orchid? Yummy!” We have it well out of his reach.