Little Stars and Drunkard’s Trail

The nine 2.5″ LeMoyne Stars for the bed runner are done. Today I’ll get a start on putting the little bed runner together. Thanks to the comments yesterday, I have decided to use flannel as the batt for this little … Continue reading

A Small Finish

One of the things that got done on the weekend was finishing the little quilt I’m calling Meandering Minds. It’s 8″ x 10″ and is destined for the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative. Hand pieced, machine quilted. I used the 2″ … Continue reading

Tiny Drunkard’s Trail

Ten more little 2″ drunkard’s trail blocks were made last night for the mini quilt. There are only 3 left to make. With any luck I’ll have those finished tomorrow night and may even get the little top stitched together. … Continue reading

Small and Tiny Blocks

First, the small. Pink and green log cabin blocks that finish at 5″, made with the .50″ Log Cabin collection. There are 12 done and enough printed for another 12 or 16, I think – it’s been so long since I’ve worked on these that I don’t quite remember. Some are hand pieced, some machine pieced. I’m thinking this may be the perfect stitching for out on the roof garden this summer and I’ll get this little quilt finished. This one is destined to be a wall hanging and one I know I’ll love as many of my favourite shabby chic fabrics are in along with some pink and green batiks.

The tiny. Tiny 2″ Drunkard’s Trail blocks made with the 2″ Drunkard’s Trail Inklingo collection. Four blocks are made and joined and three more have been added. I only need to make 9 more of these little blocks and join them to make the quilt I’ve got planned. Another one that just might be the perfect thing for roof garden stitching. I realized when I got that project box back out just how many shapes for it I had printed on fabric. I’ve got enough to make at least 4 or 5 small quilts. Perhaps one long thin table runner will be made once I make the 8″ x 10″ quilt I have planned. That will only take another 13 little blocks and should be something I can do quickly.

Both those projects came back to somewhere near the top of the list when I excavated my sewing table a couple of weeks ago. And both have stayed out to be worked on mostly because I know I can complete the two small quilts relatively quickly. So they are going to be worked on soon. I think it will give me a feeling of accomplishment to get a few small quilts done quickly. That sewing table excavation threw me a bit when I realized just how many projects I’ve got on the go. Some finishes are in order … and soon.

That said, I started working on the red and white Feathered Star/Sunflower quilt border again last night. I guess I just needed that break from it because now I can see that there really isn’t that much left to do. Perhaps 2 weeks of stitching or maybe 3 (because we all know I get distracted and want to play with other things) and I should have that top finished.

This is one of Baxter’s favourite poses.

Tiny Drunkard’s Trail

Not much got accomplished yesterday, although these little stacks of the pieces needed for more of the 2″ Drunkard’s Trail blocks are cut out and ready to stitch.

I did manage to make these three blocks.

Which will be added to these four blocks. This is going to be a really small quilt, no larger than 8″ x 12″ when it’s finished. And that’s the total of what I have to show for yesterday. I was wiped out from the allergies. Can’t remember a year when they’ve been this bad, but a friend suggested it may be due to our incredibly mild winter. I think she’s right.

Baxter’s not suffering from allergies. He’s interested in finding out if there are some more apps for cats.

Drunkard’s Trail Variations

Ever since the Drunkard’s Trail collections came out, I wanted to play with the variations. This one was made with the 6″ collection. It seems massive in comparison to the 2″ blocks, which were the ones I first made.

Then this one, made with the 4″ collection.

Finally, this one made with the 3″ collection. Although made with the 3″ collection, it finishes at 6″ because I used one of the “extra” shapes as the large centre.

They all press beautifully and I’m grading every seam as I go. The blocks are all going to be mixed and matched in the final layout. For now, I’m just having fun making some of each variation in each size. It won’t be a large quilt. At best, I think it may be a small lap quilt.

I’ve decided that while I am trying to stick to the red and white quilt during the week, the weekends are play time. Of course, the operative word in that sentence is “trying”. I’m so easily distracted by other projects!

Baxter was crashed after some pretty hectic play time Sunday night.

Shabby Trails

It was inevitable, I suppose. I got distracted from the red and white last night. Why? Well, I just had to play with these little pieces. And I do mean little! Together they form a 2″ block. There were four new Inklingo collections released yesterday of Drunkard’s Trail, also known as Snail’s Trail – 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch. The possibilities with these sets of shapes is so enticing!

It’s been ages since I worked with the shabby chic fabrics, so I took the opportunity to start playing. I made four blocks last night and joined them.

The trail is going to meander all over, although I don’t plan on making this much larger than 12 x 12 inches. Play time is over though and now I’ll be back to focusing on the red and white Feathered Star/Sunflower.

That said, there are definitely plans afoot for the other sizes! Once I replenish my ’30s stash, I know I’ll make one with those. It’s also a definite possibility for a two-colour quilt. And the ideas just keep flowing. I was able to get a couple of the design ideas into an EQ design so that I don’t have to depend on my somewhat cryptic notes that can be a challenge to decipher months later.

It presses quite well, even with these tiny pieces.

We seem to have skipped spring and are right into summer weather. We went for a walk yesterday afternoon and I couldn’t believe how warm it is already. Wednesday they’re now saying we’ll have a humidex reading of 30C. In March? In Toronto? I think we’re all getting giddy at the very definite end of winter. Normally we go from winter to summer, but that doesn’t happen in March. That’s more something that we can expect in late May/early June.

Baxter has a habit of bracing himself but this made us both laugh. He was braced with one hind paw and one front paw as he snoozed on the couch yesterday afternoon.