Shabby Trails

It was inevitable, I suppose. I got distracted from the red and white last night. Why? Well, I just had to play with these little pieces. And I do mean little! Together they form a 2″ block. There were four new Inklingo collections released yesterday of Drunkard’s Trail, also known as Snail’s Trail – 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch. The possibilities with these sets of shapes is so enticing!

It’s been ages since I worked with the shabby chic fabrics, so I took the opportunity to start playing. I made four blocks last night and joined them.

The trail is going to meander all over, although I don’t plan on making this much larger than 12 x 12 inches. Play time is over though and now I’ll be back to focusing on the red and white Feathered Star/Sunflower.

That said, there are definitely plans afoot for the other sizes! Once I replenish my ’30s stash, I know I’ll make one with those. It’s also a definite possibility for a two-colour quilt. And the ideas just keep flowing. I was able to get a couple of the design ideas into an EQ design so that I don’t have to depend on my somewhat cryptic notes that can be a challenge to decipher months later.

It presses quite well, even with these tiny pieces.

We seem to have skipped spring and are right into summer weather. We went for a walk yesterday afternoon and I couldn’t believe how warm it is already. Wednesday they’re now saying we’ll have a humidex reading of 30C. In March? In Toronto? I think we’re all getting giddy at the very definite end of winter. Normally we go from winter to summer, but that doesn’t happen in March. That’s more something that we can expect in late May/early June.

Baxter has a habit of bracing himself but this made us both laugh. He was braced with one hind paw and one front paw as he snoozed on the couch yesterday afternoon.

10 thoughts on “Shabby Trails

  1. Love the way the blocks meander! Yes, I agree, warm here too… but trust me I am definitely not complaining one bit! I love it!! We are supposed to have a spectacular week too.


  2. I love how those blocks are so, so, so tiny! Yep, I think my finished project would be no larger than 12 inches. At least at a time anyhoo! Love Baxter.
    Take care and have a lovely, warm day!


  3. Yummy fabrics. What a wonderful Shabby Trails they will make. And the red and white…..absolutely a winner!!!!!! Baxter is such a beautiful cat. I know he is top cat (dog) in your family.


  4. Those blocks give me paws for thought as I have seen a QS quilt done with what would be the 6″ inch size or larger. Maybe the name should be shabby tails as they trail through each block with no cat in sight!.Spud is now curled up on my quilting hoop which is resting on it’s side and he hopefully won’t put holes in the quilt before I finish quilting it. We are having an indian summer/autumn at the moment then getting a few days of definite autumn.


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