Red and White Quilt

The main body of the Feathered Star/Sunflower quilt top is finished, all stitched by hand. The last stitch joining the blocks was taken Friday evening. Two of the pieced blocks for one of the borders are done, but there are still many to go. Right now it measures 60 x 80. It doesn’t look its best draped over the sofa, but I was so excited it was done that I had to share!

I had hoped we could get out on the roof garden to take photos but they haven’t opened it yet. Maybe Wednesday, when our forecast high is an unbelievably warm 25C, they’ll open access to the roof garden and we can get a good photo of the top.

I feel almost compelled to finish this quilt before I work on anything else, which is so unusual for me. My vision of how this top will look when complete is driving me to keep working on it so I can see the actual finished top. If I stick with it, I think I can have the top finished within 2 weeks.


This is a slight rant, so if you want to see Baxter’s daily picture just scroll down. I won’t be insulted.

Can anyone tell me why on earth Canada Post is now slower than a carrier pigeon would be? I don’t mean with packages which always take a long time. I’m talking about plain ordinary everyday business mail. An envelope that was mailed to me from about half a mile away took 18 days to arrive. Another business envelope was mailed last Monday, from about the same distance, and still has yet to arrive. And for this we pay a high price for postage? No wonder Canada Post is sometimes called Canada Storage!

I’ve thought for a long time that we live in an area that’s a black hole when it comes to mail. I dread mailing things as I never feel the least bit secure that they’ll arrive in a timely manner, if at all. But this has been the final straw for me. I think from now on I’ll forego using the post office altogether and depend on UPS or some other courier service.

Okay. Rant over. Back to our normal programming.


I heard a robin out on the roof garden on the weekend. Practically fell over myself racing to the window to see it and there it was, on the lawn. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a robin this early. We are having temperatures that feel more like early summer than the end of winter and are breaking records. This has been the winter that wasn’t for us and it has been wonderful. But it does make me wonder what our summer will be like and what it may mean for the farmers as there was so little precipitation during the winter.

Baxter has had a lot to keep him occupied on the windowsill. Grackles, robins, squirrels and something that he seems to see out on the roof garden at night, although we can’t see what it is that has him so fascinated.

18 thoughts on “Red and White Quilt

  1. Cathi, the quilt is beautiful. I have always loved this block and the quilt is a timeless beauty.
    Good job as always!
    We are also have abnormal highs here in Manitoba. The snow is all gone and the geese have arrived. The river should break up any day now. It was frozen this morning, maybe it will be flowing when I get home tonight.


  2. Cathi……this quilt is stunning! I’ve been watching your progress, and you are moving at a record pace on this, too! I can’t wait to see what the borders do for it! It’s truly a masterpiece!

    When I get back from vacation in April, I am going to give Inklingo another try! I did all the downloads a few months back, but just kept running around in circles, and never got to the point of ‘print’. It was very confusing (that’s not hard to do to me on the computer!), and I was so frustrated, I gave up. But I am determined to give it another try……when it’s really quiet, and no one can bug me! I recently won one of Linda’s finger pincushions, and in the box she included a small sheet of printed on fabric. I see it… I want to do it! lol

    Thanks for all your inspiration!


  3. You now how much I love red and white! This is an awesome quilt and wonderful accomplishment! I can’t wait to see it quilted.

    I am glad you didn’t ask us which quilt is our fave! I love all your designs and would have a hard time choosing.

    Baxter is in for a treat this Spring if the birds are already gathering.


  4. That is such a wonderful quilt!!! When it is done…and I’m sure you are on a roll with this one, and you have all the quilting done, it will be spectacular!!!!

    Baxter will have fun this year with all the birds showing up! My two females had fun yesterday AM. When I was on the computer, they started jumping around my chair and I looked down to see they were trying to catch a little green tree frog and Hazel caught him and I thought he was dead so I picked him up and put him back outside and in a few minutes he was gone, must have just been stunned. He must have been attached to the door when I opened it that morning and then just jumped right inside. I could look around and send one to Baxter, but with your slow postal service, he might not make it! 🙂


  5. The feathered star looks lovely can’t wait to see it in all it’s glory. The post here in Australia has suffered too. What used to take 2 weeks to arrive from the USA now takes 4 to arrive. Baxter looks as though he will have a lot of watching to do this spring.


  6. Oh wow, how gorgeous is your quilt! Looking forward to seeing it quilted and bound too. Did you know there are special cat fairies that only cats can see? That’s probably what Baxter is looking at in the dark. You can’t see them, because you are human. Our cats can see them too. It explains the fixed stare at the corner of the room……..*grin*


  7. I have a friend who recently made ONE feathered star using traditional measuring methods and templates. She said she’d never do THAT again! Then I sent her to your blog to see your TWELVE feathered star blocks. Oh, my! Now she wants to give Inklingo a try to do them. Me too! One question….. did you have to use two different Inklingo collections – one for the center sunflower blocks? They are indeed awesome, Cathi. LOVE your blog! So inspiring…. Barb in Texas


  8. Not much more I can add to the comments but I wanted to let you know how beautiful your Feathered Star is with the Sunflower middle. I will get my little FS done one of these days and can’t wait to see how you finish this one.
    Give Baxter a scratch behind the ears from me.


  9. Wow! It’s gorgeous! I love it! And it gives me ideas for making something similar 🙂
    I can see why you want to focus on it until it’s done.
    Are you planning on doing some red quilting in the large white areas or will you keep these white?


  10. Unbelievable…just absolutely spectacular! I’m the friend of Barb who said she would never do a feathered star again until I saw your work, lol! I MUST try it with Inklingo!!!!


  11. Beautiful red & white quilt! I can’t believe it’s finished already. I am interested to hear that the weather is just as weirdly warm ahead of schedule as it is here in the southern US. No winter for us this year and I don’t like it. Makes me wonder & worry what the summer will bring. My cats all have spring fever and are enjoying watching all the birds & squirrels. Yesterday we had bumblebees & wasps flying around outside (in March!).


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